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Want to reduce stress, help your memory, stop stalling and feel like you are achieving things? 

Make a home cleaning list.

Lists are brilliant ways to overcome tasks we may find daunting and that includes CLEANING!

So what better than a complete weekly household cleaning schedule? That’s why we have made one for you to follow that will have every inch of your home spick and span without you having to think twice.

weekly cleaning schedule.

The secret to a great cleaning timetable is to tackle one room each day. That way nothing takes too long and nothing feels too overwhelming. And when nothing takes too long, and nothing feels too overwhelming… you are FAR more likely to stick to it!

first off.. daily do’s.

Some things are unavoidable and you’ll find you’ll most likely need to do them daily.

  1. Laundry. Check if you have enough for a load each day - if not then wait until you do. Full loads save you money and energy so it’s worth waiting. Always use a good quality laundry detergent such as smol bio or non-bio laundry capsules… if you’ve not had your FREE TRIAL yet then what are you waiting for?
  2. Dishes will always need washing. Whether you’re using a dishwasher or washing up by hand with washing up liquid, smol has you covered with products to match the big brands whilst saving you carbon, chemicals and plastic.
  3. Food prep surfaces will need a daily wipe down if you are cooking at home. smol multi purpose spray has you covered with a sweet burst of orange citrus to lift your mood!

monday = bedrooms.

  1. Strip beds and wash/dry bedding.
  2. Damp dust furniture, skirting, window ledges and ornaments. 
  3. Dry dust lamp shades.
  4. Wipe down windows and any mirrors.
  5. Vacuum the mattress and floors.
  6. Make the beds with clean bedding.

TOP TIP FOR BEDROOM DAY: If your bedding is not massively dirty and you usually wear nightclothes to bed you can wash at lower temperatures (30 - 40°C) and still get the clean you need with smol bio or non-bio capsules. 

tuesday = bathrooms.

  1. Wash towels and bath mats.
  2. Wipe down shower screens, mirrors and any windows.
  3. Clean sinks, baths and shower trays.
  4. Damp dust surfaces, shelving and any skirting.
  5. Clean toilets.
  6. Vacuum and mop floors.
  7. Replace towels and bath mats.

TOP TIP FOR BATHROOM DAY: smol’s refillable foaming bathroom spray is perfect for all surfaces in the bathroom and leaves the clean crisp scent of eucalyptus behind with a streak-free shine on top! Pair it with our colourful compostable cloths made from plants and pick a colour for each type of job! They’re completely washable and last for AGES! 

wednesday = stairs, landing & hall.

  1. Damp dust picture frames, ornaments and mirrors.
  2. Dry dust lamp shades.
  3. Clean windows and window sills.
  4. Wipe down handrails, bannisters and skirtings.
  5. Vacuum floors and stairs.

TOP TIP FOR STAIRS/LANDING/HALL DAY: This is a high traffic area of the home don’t be surprised by the level of dirt! Remember, smol refillable multi purpose spray is perfect for almost all surfaces in the home so you only need one bottle AND it gives results that match the big brands. Perfect!

thursday = living room.

  1. Spot clean any stains on sofa cushions. 
  2. Damp dust tables, shelves, cupboards and ornaments.
  3. Dry dust lamp shades and TV.
  4. Wipe down windows, window sills and skirting boards.
  5. Vacuum floor AND under the sofa cushions (then replace them). 

TOP TIP FOR LIVING ROOM DAY: Sofas can get mucky pretty quickly but spot cleaning any marks quickly with smol stain gel is an easy fix. You can also freshen them up with a quick spritz of homemade fabric freshener too using our wonderfully scented fabric conditioner. 

friday = kitchen.

  1. Empty and clean kitchen bins.
  2. Wipe worktops, table, cupboard doors and appliances like the kettle (unplug first).
  3. Clean windows and window sills.
  4. Wipe down front of oven and clean hob.
  5. Wipe out microwave.
  6. Wash down kitchen sink.
  7. Vacuum and mop floor.

TOP TIP FOR KITCHEN DAY: smol multi purpose surface cleaner has such a powerful degreasing action that gives results to match the big brands all whilst cutting chemicals - AND it’s refillable so you’ll cut carbon and plastic too!

weekends = bits & bobs.

In truth, weekends are NOT about housework but when you’re working full time these may be your only days for getting things clean. Choose 3 rooms for Saturday and 2 for Sunday (or vice versa).  Your home will be ship shape in no time.

And if you fancy dipping your toes into the world of more sustainable cleaning - check out our home bundle for cleaning. It’s our top 6 smol swaps in a one-and-done super switch for your home. 


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