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Tomato sauce down your front? Grass stains up your side? Vegetable korma in your lap? 
It’s a familiar sinking feeling and yes, it mostly seems to happen when we are wearing our most favourite clothing! It’s also a prime example of where we’d recommend bringing out the stain gel to give your usual cleaning detergent a boost.

Specific stain over products have been around for many years now. In times gone by people would resort to cornstarch, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice but modern formulations are now incredibly effective (and much easier to use) and our smol stain gel is no exception.

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Most stain removers on the market that say your stains will ‘vanish’ actually just use a bleach to whiten over a stain. Bleach can damage and weaken fibres which means clothing can become damaged. The stain's still there, it hasn’t vanished, but it's just been whitened over, while your favourite wardrobe items just get weaker!⁠ 

Q: So how does smol stain gel work so well without the bleach?

A: Enzyme technology. 

Enzymes are naturally occurring ingredients that each have a specific protein, starch or fat stain that they are designed to break down and digest. Lipase for example will break down fats and oils while Amylase is great at digesting chocolate-based stains. Other common types of enzymes include Mannanase, Protease and Cellulase. 

We also of course, use enzymes in our bio laundry capsules and they give tremendous cleaning results and stain removal in your wash, but they are concentrated down further in our stain gel along with other ingredients, to give superior targeted results exactly where you need them.

So what’s the best way to use a stain gel?

It’s always best to act quickly.

  1. Time is of the essence so waiting to deal with a stain the next day is not the best course of action. Check the fabric is suitable for normal machine washing and if it is then get to work and immediately rinse with cold water (hot water can cook stains into fabrics).
  2. You can then apply smol stain gel directly to the stained area. If the fabric care instructions allow, you can gently rub the gel into the stain and then leave to act for two minutes.
  3. Finally you should put the clothing in your washing machine and wash with your usual detergent as per your garment instructions. We recommend smol bio capsules at 30°C for best results.
  4. Do not let the stain gel dry on the fabric, it’s important to use water to rinse away the stain once it has been digested.

Can I use the stain gel to boost my normal daily laundry?

Absolutely. For an all-over laundry-lift, smol stain gel can be added to your washing machine drawer (use the main detergent section). We recommend 5/6 pumps for an average wash.

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Is stain gel safe for the environment?

Enzymes are naturally occurring molecules and all our ingredients biodegrade, plus there’s no bleach being rinsed down the sink. 

It’s cruelty-free and vegan of course, PLUS it comes in 100% Post Consumer Recycled plastic so no new plastic was created to make our bottles. It’s part of our commitment to turn wasteful into useful.

And don’t forget, you can also return the bottles to us for refill. For every 4 bottles returned to us we donate a pack of laundry capsules to The Hygiene Bank. The bottles are of course 100% recyclable if you prefer to add them to your kerbside collection.

smol stain gel is a true secret weapon for your laundry so stains should no longer leave a mark on the environment.

If you’ve not already tried it out… you’ll find it on your account page so why not add some today?

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