how to clean mould from your windows!



 ... with your smol multipurpose spray.

Stachybotrys Chartarum. 

It’s not a spell from Harry Potter, but the official name for black mould. 

It LOVES a nice damp window ledge and when it takes a hold it will start to release its spores (called mycotoxins) which are basically like an invisible dust. When we breathe in these spores, they can damage our airways and lungs and can also affect our skin and nervous system.

Basically it’s bad news. BUT don’t panic.

If you’ve spotted Stachybotrys on your windows follow our 4 smol steps to get rid.

what you’ll need to remove mould from windows


4 smol steps to remove mould from windows.

1. get dressed.

Mould is no joke and you don’t want to be breathing it in so wear a face mask. It’s also a good idea to wear rubber gloves and eye protection to keep spores at bay. Once you are all kitted out, make sure the room you are treating is well-ventilated so open the window.

2. wipe off excess.

Dampen the window and/or window sill first by spraying it with water. This makes sure any mould spores don’t fly up into the air while you are cleaning. Wipe away any excess mould from the surface with a dry cloth (do not scrub). 

3. vinegar for the victory.

Amazingly, distilled white vinegar has been found to kill 82% of different mould species including black mould. Pour some into a spray bottle and spray the area you are treating generously. Leave the vinegar to sit for about an hour before wiping the area clean with a cloth and smol multi purpose spray. You can repeat this step if you need.

4. extra scrub.

If there are still mould signs on your window or window sills after step 3. Mix one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda with 2 cups of water - pour this into a spray bottle and spray it onto the mould then scrub with an old toothbrush. Wipe down with a clean cloth and smol multi purpose spray.

and to stop the mould returning?

Moisture and condensation are the main reasons why mould grows on your windows and window sills. And if there’s any dirt on the windows… even better, it will provide extra nutrients for the mould to feed upon. 

Frustratingly, dampness can be all too common in our homes, especially in the colder months when the warm moist air inside our house hits the cold glass of our window, causing the water in the air to condense out onto the glass.

Try these 5 ways to curb the condensation.

    1. Wipe your windows daily with an absorbent cloth or use a window vacuum.
    2. Use dehumidifiers in any affected rooms.
    3. Install extractor fans in the kitchen or bathroom where steam collects.
    4. Got lots of indoor plants? Consider having less in the bedroom as they release moisture into the air.
    5. Open windows whenever you can to increase ventilation in the home. 

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 ... with your smol multipurpose spray.