Handy plastic-free rubber gloves from smol.

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The plastic gloves (in their plastic packs) are off. Phew!

Now we can all use natural rubber ones that come in recyclable cardboard packs instead of yet more soft plastic that doesn’t get recycled.

Most other household cleaning gloves are synthetic, don’t biodegrade, come in non-recyclable packaging and there’s no knowing where the materials come from…

BUT… smol rubber gloves are:

  • free from plastic
  • biodegradable
  • reusable and long-lasting
  • 100% natural cotton flock lined for comfort
  • vegan friendly

And we know exactly where the latex* came from to make them… fair trade FSC certified natural rubber plantations in Sri Lanka. This FSC certification verifies that companies at every step of the supply chain are committed to the environment and improving people’s lives. 

an adaptable accessory. 

And you’ve got to hand it to them. Rubber gloves are going to protect your hands full stop. And we don’t just mean they’ll save your manicure! Exposing our skin to detergents, soaps and other cleaning chemicals is not something we need to be doing. Popping on a pair of gloves provides the perfect barrier. And you’re also keeping your hands out of all that dirt and grime!

Not only that, they’ll increase your grip whilst cleaning. Washing the dishes with washing up liquid can be a slippery business but a pair of rubber gloves can save the day!

Our biodegradable rubber gloves are your new right (and left) hand person for cleaning jobs around the home.

washing up.

Hot soapy water = wrinkly, dried out skin. But not with our gorgeous gloves. Not only will they protect your hands, keeping your skin dry and shielding them from the heat; but the easy-grip texture stops glassware slipping through your fingers. Phew. 

stronger chemicals. 

Not such a concern when you’re using smol products, but for those times when you do find you need to use stronger chemicals (such as bleach) you’ll need hand protection. Our gloves will guard against skin damage from the harsher cleaning chemicals - and your hands will thank you.

scrub situations. 

For those cleaning jobs that need a little elbow grease, rubber gloves are a must. Bear in mind that any rubbing and scrubbing on a surface means your hands are also taking a battering. Wearing rubber gloves is one way to save you from sore, dry skin.

divert dirt.

Like rummaging around in plug hole gunk or cleaning up animal accidents with your bare hands? Nope, neither do we. Just pop on your rubber gloves and getting stuck in won’t feel so bad. 

power of pink.

And the best bit? They’re going to colour code perfectly with your washing up liquid and sponges for even more pink plant-based power.

You can even choose from 2 sizes (medium or large) so whether you’re washing up, wiping down or tackling the oven, at just £5 for 2 pairs you won’t be all fingers and thumbs. 

And when the job is done… simply rinse and hang to dry. 

Why not head over to your smol account today and order yours! 

Don’t have an account because you’re not yet a smol customer?…. why not seize the day and order some smol products or take one of our FREE TRIALS. They’re all ready and waiting!



*CAUTION - contains natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions. If any reactions occur please discontinue use and consult a doctor.

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