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It's National Hygiene Week (2nd - 8th October 2023) - an opportunity to come together to make a difference within our local communities to support The Hygiene Bank and the fantastic work they do to help people around the UK.

The charity's goal for National Hygiene Week is to raise awareness and start a conversation about hygiene poverty, by bringing together thought leaders, community partners, grassroots organisers, schools, charities, and volunteers to contribute to the public conversation and increase demand for action so that collectively we are a voice for change.

Everyone deserves to feel clean, and supporting those who can't with the help of our fantastic smol community has been incredible! Here's a little bit more on what's been going on, what's coming up next and how you can get involved...

an update on Suds in Schools.

Firstly, we'd like to say a HUGE and heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you who supported Suds in Schools.

We've seen so many of our amazing customers come together this month to support out fundraiser to raise money for school children living in hygiene poverty. And we're so happy to say, we did it!

Your contribution helped completely smash our initial £10k target (see the current total here!), so we can install even more new mini-laundrettes into UK schools - which ALSO means your kindness will directly lighten the school load for many many children and families unable to afford essential hygiene basics, like laundry detergent.

As one teacher from Liverpool commented: "Just being able to help families when they are struggling to have clean uniforms for their children. Most of us take this for granted but we know that not everyone has this luxury. Thank you".

Next, behind the scenes we'll be working really closely with The Hygiene Bank to go through your nominations, finding schools to place the laundrettes in schools across the UK. Plus, for all of you that donated and opted in for a reward or to join our SUDS CLUB, we'll be in touch! We'll share updates as we go, but if you have questions please email us at

Join our donate a wash community.

Together, we’ve donated over half a million washes to The Hygiene Bank so far and that feels good. They’re doing vital work with the most vulnerable amongst us and all your help through donate a wash makes a big difference.

We went behind the scenes with The Hygiene Bank Brighton to see the hard work that goes into getting your donated washes to people that need them most. Watch it on YouTube here.

Fancy signing up? Donate a wash adds just 30p to your laundry or dishwash plan, and sends 2 washes directly to this brilliant charity whenever an order is processed for you.

We'll donate a wash for every new sign up.

To continue our commitment to fighting hygiene poverty, and just seeing how much even one laundry capsule donated can make such a massive difference to someone - we're going to be donating a wash for EVERY new sign up to smol laundry and dishwash for the rest of the year. 

From October to December 2023, for each new laundry or dishwash subscription (whether you're a new OR existing customer) we'll donate a wash on your behalf when you sign up for a free trial.  

sign up today!

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