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Calling all you refill revolutionaries… now you can keep just ONE bottle of smol washing up liquid, fabric conditioner and stain gel and refill them from our super cute cartons! 

So why the swap to a refill-at-home solution?

Because it’s better for the planet and one more way to cut down on those plastic bottles.

Creating a carton requires less energy than making our recycled plastic bottle (43% less carbon to be precise). You'll find they're easy to stack under your sink PLUS they're really widely and successfully recycled throughout the UK.

cute carton collection.

smol washing up carton refill


So starting with our plant powered washing up liquid and our animal fat-free fabric conditioner we’re launching our carton refill system. 

  1. You’ll keep hold of your last empty bottle (with its pump and band).

  2. We’ll send your next main pack in the form of refill cartons.

  3. Washing up customers will receive 4 x 500ml refill cartons.

  4. Fabric conditioner and stain gel customers will receive 2 x 500ml refill cartons

  5. When your refills arrive, pour a carton into your bottle and away you go!

Stain Gel will follow this refill revolution in the next few months and (shhh) we’ve even got some brand new products coming that will use the carton refill system… but more on that top secret and exciting news at a later date!

ready to recycle?

Another tick in the box if you like recycling. 

Only 12%* of the UK’s plastic is being recycled at the moment. Most of the remaining 88% is either shipped to other countries for them to deal with, burnt or buried.

The good news is that cartons are really really widely recycled in the UK and you can easily check here what happens in your local area. So…

  1. Once your carton has refilled your bottle, wash it & squash it and replace the lid.

  2. If your council accepts cartons kerbside (66% do) just pop it in your recycling bin (yay!).

  3. If your council accepts cartons at recycling centres (31% do) you can drop them there for collection. 

  4. If your council has no carton recycling (3% of councils) OR if you can’t get to your local recycling centre… send your cartons back to us for FREE and we’ll ensure they’re properly recycled. Phew. 

smol things make a big difference. 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about our carton capers, because apart from looking super cute they’re going to cut your carbon footprint and ensure NO MORE plastic bottles will be needed.

As always if you have any questions just get in touch with us on help@smolproducts.com.


*The Big Plastic Count 2022

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