This page provides the details, data and references to support the claims that we make in relation to our brand and products. You’ll also find more information on our 3rd party certification. Please take a look and if you have further questions or would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Great for you.

  1. As good as the big brands
    Switching to smol means no compromise on performance.
    From our laundry capsules through to our anti-perspirant we aim to match the performance of traditional market leading brands.

    This is how we test our products, and how we make our performance claims with confidence.

    Testing process / how we justify our claim

    Benchmark brands

    Laundry capsules

    AISE + (European protocol with additional stains).
    We test against 21 stains, on 4 different fabrics, at 30°C.
    We also test for whitening performance.

    Ariel, Persil (bio and non-bio), Fairy.

    smol performs on a par or better than 65% of the market (by value).

    Dishwasher tablets

    IKW standard protocol on 5 stains at 45°C, plus anti-spotting & anti-filming tests. 


    Washing up liquid

    Dishwashing efficiency (upholding the foam)  at 20°C & 45°C using STIWA II soil (dirt!).

    Fairy & Ecover.

    Multi purpose spray

    We tested detergent power and degreasing properties on hard and greasy soil (dirt!). 

    Flash multi purpose, Ecover, Neat & Method.

    Bathroom spray

    Static descaling protocol on limescale & performance tests.


    Stain gel

    Tested by smol customers who rated it as good if not better than their previous brand.

  2. Fair price promise
    We price check all leading brand prices on a monthly basis using retailer online pricing.
    When we make our fair price promise we are certain that smol is the same price or cheaper than leading brands at non-promoted prices.
    Where we refer directly to a price comparison e.g. “smol saves you 20% vs the big brands” we will reference a specific pack, date and retailer.

  3. Dermatologically tested / suitable for sensitive skin
    Where we make this claim we have patch tested the product using an independent, external laboratory following standard industry testing protocol.

  4. “Free from…”
    Our “free from” claim means you can be sure that our product does not contain a specific ingredient.

    Please click here to see individual product ingredient lists.
    Laundry capsules
    Dishwasher tablets
    Fabric Conditioner
    Multi purpose & Bathroom spray
    Washing up Liquid
    Stain Gel

    For any further product or ingredients information please visit our help centre.

Better for our planet.

Laundry, household and personal care products are necessary to our everyday life. They are products that we all buy and use, yet collectively contribute thousands of tonnes of plastic, carbon and chemicals to the environment. 

Performance and value are key to customers; if our products don’t work, we won’t make any positive impact at all. We continually look for ways to deliver performance whilst also offering credible, tangible benefits for the planet vs mainstream traditional alternatives. 

  1. 100% plastic-free packaging
    This means the packaging contains zero plastic.
    This applies to all of our card packaging, including laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets, certified plastic-free by Flustix.
    Our multi purpose and bathroom sachets are also plastic free and are home compostable.
    Our card packs and paper are from FSC approved sources.

  2. Fewer chemicals
    a) Laundry capsules and surface sprays
    We have conducted dry matter testing to remove water (and fragrance) to give a clear comparison of the weight of active ingredients per wash.
    For more information, please see
    Surface Sprays

    b) Dishwasher tablets, fabric conditioner
    For these products our “fewer chemicals” claim is based upon the weight of each dose/wash vs mainstream alternatives, assuming the same performance, wash load etc.

    smol per wash

    Competitor per wash

    Competitor brand for reference

    Dishwasher tablets



    Finish Powerball Power

    Fabric Conditioner




  3. Cutting carbon
    We use LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) to give us an independent, third party understanding of the total carbon emissions of our products, from start to finish.

    We currently have LCAs for
    Laundry capsules
    Dishwasher tablets
    Surface Sprays
    Production of our cartons

    We are conducting further studies on our more recent launches and will publish the results as soon as available.

  4. Animal fat-free
    Unlike other brands, we do not use animal fat (or indeed any animal product or derivative) in our fabric conditioner. Instead we used a vegan suitable alternative.

  5. Vegan
    All of our products at smol are vegan.
    We follow the Vegan Society definition of vegan:

    “For a product to meet our standards of being ‘vegan’, we require the following: No animal ingredients, derivatives or by-products at any stage of production. No animals testing, including on vertebrates and all multi-cellular invertebrates (at the initiative of the company or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the company has effective control.)”

  6. Cruelty-free
    All of our own brand cosmetic and personal care products, and household and cleaning products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme, the internationally recognisable gold standard for cruelty-free products. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure that our products continue to adhere to the Leaping Bunny criteria. Our supplier monitoring system is also independently audited.
    For more information please visit the Cruelty Free International website.

  7. Sustainably sourced palm-oil
    smol is a member of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). We sustainably source any palm oil or derivatives from RSPO certified supply chain systems and regularly survey our suppliers to ensure compliance.

    The RSPO leads various groups from around the globe (including the WWF, Greenpeace, and the United Nations), to put systems in place that ensure oil palm trees are only farmed on land that has been previously cleared (or doesn't require deforestation). For more information on our point of view on palm oil, please click here.

  8. Home compostable
    Where we claim that a piece of packaging or a product is home compostable, the packaging has been certified by TUV and / or tested by ourselves at home! Learn more on TUV

  9. Made from plants / plant-powered
    We use this claim when a product has a very high % of plant-based active ingredients e.g. our washing up liquid, 89% of active ingredients are plant based.

  10. FSC approved sources
    This means that the source of our paper / card has been approved by The Forest Stewardship Council.


Where possible we will use 100% plastic-free packaging.
Where this is not possible (yet!) e.g. our liquid fabric conditioner or washing up liquid products, we have chosen to use carton refills over recycled plastic bottles.

Here’s why…

  1. Less plastic required
    Carton refills are made from 68% paper and 32% plastic. The plastic is used in the cap and the carton liner. It means there’s 83% less plastic (by weight) than in our recycled plastic bottles.
    One carton = 7g of plastic. One recycled bottle = 41g of plastic.
  1. Cut carbon emissions.
    Life Cycle Analysis shows that creating a carton results in 43% lower carbon emissions vs producing even a recycled plastic bottle.
  1. Improved recycling.
    Plastic is recyclable BUT the amount successfully recycled in the UK is really low, with some types barely reaching 12% recycle rates.

    Our PET bottles are recycled and recyclable BUT the current recycling infrastructure in the UK doesn’t ensure they are recycled; ultimately most go to landfill, are incinerated or leak into the environment.

    Cartons have higher rates of recycling in the UK (between 29% and 40%). And as UK councils must soon work to harmonise all recycling, this rate should rise to 70%.
  1. A more renewable resource.
    Paper is a renewable resource and the paper for each carton is made from FSC approved sources.
  1. Upgrading the loop.
    Our looped rinse & return system that has been in place for our recycled plastic bottles brought some improvement to sustainability. However the move to carton refills will outperform this existing process even when taking the reuse of bottles into account. Considerably less plastic is required and carton recycling rates from local authorities will be greater than current plastic recycling.

    Customers who live in a local authority that does not recycle cartons (3% of councils) can still return their empty cartons to us for FREE and we will ensure their proper recycling. More information on carton recycling

If you have any further questions please visit our help centre or contact us at