we’ve started a revolution to clean up our planet.

smol things make a big difference.


a smol story.

We believe there is a better way to buy cleaning products. Award winning, high-performance, innovative formulations that work brilliantly in your home and are better for the planet. Sustainably packaged and delivered direct to your home whenever you need them. All at a fair price.

No to multinationals putting profits and plastic above the planet.

No to expensive eco brands that don’t work.

Sustainable swaps should be effortless, accessible and affordable so everyone can take part. And when everyone is taking part, we see the greatest change.

'planet SOS' text over waves 'planet SOS' text over waves

Climate change is the biggest single threat of our time. Add in plastic pollution and our planet and population needs help. Household cleaning brands have long been part of the problem. They drown our world in single-use plastic, pollute with production that puts profits over people and batter biodiversity through ingredients that don’t biodegrade.

We can’t stand by doing nothing and just hoping for the best any longer.

making an impact.

washes powered by smol have saved
tonnes of
tonnes of chemicals
tonnes of carbon
tonnes of animal fat
litres of water shipped

There is strength in numbers and we see this constantly. Our everyday cleaning products are better for the planet and the more of us making these effortless, affordable swaps, the greater the impact we have together. Every month we’re saving hundreds of thousands of water bottles worth of plastic, keeping tens of tonnes of chemicals from rinsing into our waterways and saving many hundreds of Paris to New York return flights worth of carbon emissions.

The collective impact we have is clear to see and shows that when enough of us make simple changes, smol things can make a big difference.

how we help.

We are constantly working to innovate, find better ways, create solutions and challenge the status quo.

At the heart of this lies our desire to revolutionise household cleaning with affordable, high-performance products that give results you can rely on, bring convenience to your door and ensure your cleaning is kinder to the planet.

How do we do this?

smol bio laundry capsules in sustainable pack placed on grass

our packaging.

We are passionate about packaging. Our materials must be sustainable and must work brilliantly. Packaging is one area where we can all make a big difference, and it should be refillable, compostable, easily recyclable or all three.

woman doing laundry from the point of view of a washing machine woman doing laundry from the point of view of a washing machine

the right stuff.

Understanding what is or isn’t in a product is important as well as the reasons behind its inclusion or exclusion. To provide exceptional cleaning, ensure biodegradation and understand impact, we carefully consider all our ingredients.

landcape made from cardboard packaging with text smol laundry capsules cut carbon by 35% landcape made from cardboard packaging with text smol laundry capsules cut carbon by 35%

conveniently cutting carbon.

We always knew there was a better way to buy cleaning products. By delivering concentrated products direct, at a schedule that’s bespoke to our customer, we eliminate hassle, reduce waste and cut carbon emissions.

piggy bank on wooden surface piggy bank on wooden surface

better choices shouldn’t cost the earth.

Most “eco” brands charge premium prices and deliver disappointing results. We don’t think that’s the way to make a difference.

our certifications.

a smol world.

smol is driven by people who care about making planet-friendlier products and want to make a difference. Through social initiatives, innovation and research, joining with like-minded organisations and by pushing ourselves to do better; we see the difference growing day by day. Inclusion for all, diversity, social responsibility and equality must be championed if we want to make a difference.