simply squirt the dirt with our NEW refillable floor cleaner.



We’ve finally taken the floor into our own hands. We had no choice.

For too long the big brands have filled our cupboards with scary-looking neon yellow liquid in thick plastic bottles that don’t use ANY recycled material.

We hopefully put them in our kerbside recycling, unsure if they are going to be successfully processed… actually we know the chances are that they won’t be, most just get burnt or sent to landfill.* What a waste.

so let’s take to the floor… 

… with smol’s refillable cleaner that gives gleaming results to match the big brands. With our easy-squeezy bottle, simply squirt the dirt with a zinging swoosh of bergamot & fresh green tea, then mop and mic drop. 

No more single-use plastic bottles or the polluting transport of water. A bottle-for-life and tiny refill tablets give shiny surfaces and a clean that matches market leader Flash.

the seven wonders of smol floor cleaner.

(There’s actually more than seven but here’s what we think you’ll love most):


1. a powerful clean. 

Industry testing shows smol floor cleaner delivers cleaning levels to match Flash and other big brand floor cleaners. It cuts through stubborn grease and dirt, leaving your floor residue-free plus there’s NO ammonia or bleach!

2. fabulous fresh fragrance. 

With its zingy fresh bergamot and green tea scent, smol floor cleaner will have your floors (and your rooms) smelling zesty and clean in no time.

3. easy squeezy.

Gleaming fresh floors have never been quicker thanks to our squirt the dirt squeezy cap. It’s bucket-free cleaning if you want it. Using a spray mop? Just pour it in for the easiest, squeeziest clean. Prefer traditional mops? No problem. Squirt sparingly straight from bottle to floor for targeted areas or whole floor cleans. Then grab your damp mop and wipe. That’s it; welcome to bucket-free cleaning.

4. stop buying plastic bottles.

Your bottle-for-life is 100% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastic and here to stay. Keep it and refill it in the comfort of your own home with your tiny dissolvable refill tablets and warm water from your tap. Refill tablets arrive in packs of 6 for £6.60 (free delivery) as often as you need them to suit YOU and are packed in FSC source-approved cardboard that’s fully recyclable or home-compostable (the tablet sachet is also home-compostable).

5. water waste. 

You can use a bucket of water to mop… or not. So why not save on water and enjoy a squirt the dirt squeezy cap instead. Squirt your floor, grab a damp mop and give it a wipe. No need for buckets and buckets of water. You’ll save more £££ AND help conserve our most precious resource. And forget about the overuse of pourable floor cleaner, just squirt our cleaner sparingly over your floors… you’ll use so much less.

6. safe for pets.

Ever consider your floors for paws? Bleach & other harsh floor cleaners can damage paws and strongly fragranced cleaners can be bad for our furry/feathered friends to breathe in. No such worry with smol floor cleaner, it’s safe for pets. Oh and it’s vegan and cruelty-free too, just like all our other smol products so no animals have been harmed just so we can enjoy shiny floors. Hooray!


7. cuts carbon

Shipping heavy bottles of (mostly water) liquid floor cleaner is incredibly carbon costly. And there’s no need. All the water you need is waiting in your tap. We’ll simply ship our tiny dissolvable tablets to your home. They’re a fraction of the weight of those giant liquid bottles. Easy.

*only 12% of plastic is successfully being recycled. Greenpeace 2022