Our sponges and scrubbers have had a refresh

We truly cherish feedback from our customers. After all, it’s how we improve.

Hearing that our coconut scrubbers were not well-loved, made us take another look at our sponges and scrubbers because it's vital to us that your smol items work well.

So we introduced some changes… 

… and we think you’ll LOVE the new improved pack version that holds 3 pink sponges and 2 loofah scrubbers. All for the same price as before.

These all-new natural sponges and loofahs are no longer joined together and there’s not a coconut fibre to be seen. 

Of course they’re sustainable, compostable, vegan, cruelty-free and biodegradable with NO PLASTIC at all because they are made from plants. Good to know when you realise 400 million cleaning sponges are thrown into landfill in the UK each year and most are plastic and treated with harsh chemicals. Now there is an alternative.. 

But what else should I know?

Our all-new pink sponges are anti-fungal and because they are all-natural, will arrive slightly damp and smelling of the sea! They’ve been stored in a salt solution to keep them spongy for you; a quick soak when they arrive and they’ll be good to go. These sponges can hold up to 10 times their dry weight in water and their fabulous pink colouring comes from a natural plant-based colourant that fully biodegrades leaving nothing nasty behind.

Our all-new loofah scrubbers will arrive dry and flat. Wet them in warm water and they’ll swell up ready for use. Spongy, flexible yet robust enough for scratch-free scrubbing on non-stick pans, just rinse and squeeze after use and hang them up to dry ready for next time.

In fact, our sponges and scrubbers dry 4 times faster than their plastic counterparts which also means far less bacteria.

Can they go in the wash?

Of course! You can sterilise them for a few minutes in boiled water or just wash them in your dishwasher with your dishes or in your washing machine with your laundry. Alternatively you can put them in a microwavable container with some water and microwave them for 30 seconds. Wait for the water to cool before you remove them and squeeze out the water to speed up the drying time.

When your sponges and scrubbers are past their best, simply pop them in your compost or add them to your rubbish. They will harmlessly biodegrade. No more landfill or microplastics, wahoo!. 

If you already subscribe to our scrubbers there’s no need to do anything - your next pack will automatically update to our new and improved version. Remember, you can always change, skip or pause any of your smol orders in just two simple steps. Just login to your account to make any amends at any time.

And if you haven’t given them a go yet - now’s the time!

Follow the link to your login here and you can find the scrubbers on your account waiting for you to add them.

Happy plastic-free scrubbing!