smol bamboo toothbrushes.

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smol bamboo toothbrushes

At the end of the day (and hopefully the start) we all brush our teeth. That means we’re all contributing to a great big pile of plastic waste because literally billions of plastic toothbrushes are heading into landfill and our oceans every single year. 

It’s harming marine life and also releasing chemicals into our soil, waterways and air. Enough to put your teeth on edge? 

Thankfully the solution is simple… in fact it’s the easiest swap you’ll make all day.

a sustainable smile.

Bamboo toothbrushes are the way to a winning smile. Why bamboo?

  • Fast growing. Bamboo is actually a type of grass and it’s the fastest growing plant on earth! Some plants can grow over 1 metre in height per day… that’s about 4 cm per hour. No other plant grows faster.
  • Low maintenance. As a plant, bamboo is very easy to grow. It doesn’t need fertiliser and it self-regenerates from its own roots, so there’s no need for it to be replanted.
  • Cutting carbon. 1kg of bamboo creates about 0.9kg of carbon whereas 1kg of plastic creates about 6kg of carbon.*
  • Less bacteria. Bamboo is actually a natural antibacterial material. Good to know when you learn the average plastic toothbrush can hold over 10 million bacteria. More than on a toilet seat or a public laboratory floor! **

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now we’re beaming.

smol bamboo toothbrushes are carefully polished for a smooth surface and their small brush heads are designed to reach all areas of your mouth. The bamboo is sustainably sourced and even the bristles are bio-based (made from the castor bean plant) PLUS they’re designed to be gentle for your gums.

There’s no BPA, no fossil fuels required, just clean teeth and a cleaner planet. 

reuse, recycle or compost.

And when your toothbrush is past its best (dentists recommend changing them every 3 months) don’t forget to first reuse them around the house.

Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning in those hard to reach places, scrubbing grout, polishing your shoes. And when it’s really lived its best life you can pull out the bristles with some pliers (collect them in a plastic bottle and they can be added to your recycling) and pop the wooden handle in your compost heap. 

Not forgetting the cardboard your brush arrives in - that comes from FSC certified plantations and is fully recyclable or home compostable.

And for a fully recyclable experience why not pair your brushes with our SLS-free low foaming toothpaste with natural mint oil? It prevents tartar, protects against cavities, freshens breath and whitens teeth AND the tube is all aluminium so you know it will get recycled.

you’ll never run out.

With each pack holding 6 bamboo toothbrushes for just £7 with free delivery, it’s one more way to revolutionise how you clean your teeth and get rid of those plastic brushes. Our clever system will work out how much you need and only send your packs out at a schedule that YOU want. And of course you can cancel, pause or reschedule via your account at any time. 

If 256 million toothbrushes are thrown out in the UK every year, wouldn’t you want yours to decompose? The planet has no need for old plastic ones, so let’s stop buying them in the first place.

Shows a hand holding 6 smol toothbrushes

smol bamboo toothbrushes



*time for change 2009

**University of Manchester 2021 showed that toothbrushes can accumulate more than 10 million bacteria, which is more than the bacteria found in a toilet seat (50 per square inch) or in a public lavatory floor (2 million per square inch).

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