how to clean your vacuum hoover.

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You clean your washing machine and dishwasher right?

But what about your vacuum cleaner?

All that dust, hair and dirt takes its toll so if we can give a little TLC to our vacuums they will last longer, smell less and work better. 

So let’s go!

a quick check.

  • Before you start cleaning or disassembling bits of your machine, make sure it’s unplugged, turned off, free from its battery pack or disconnected from its charging stand (if that’s how it powers up).

  • Always read your user manual because each make and model will have different cleaning instructions.

  • Never get your vacuum motor wet - only certain parts of your machine will be washable.

  • Wear gloves to avoid handling any dust and dirt inside.

step 1. the dust bag or container. 

This is something we do regularly anyway so most of us will know the drill. 

If your vacuum has a dust container just unclip and empty it out then most can be washed with soapy water and a cloth. Our plant-powered washing up liquid is great for this job. Just a couple of pumps into warm water gives an ideal foamy solution. Make sure your container is dry before you clip it back to your machine.

If your machine uses bags then you might just be popping them in the bin and replacing with an empty one. Some bag systems can be emptied and reused however so be sure to check with your manual.

Don’t forget to clean the part where the hose feeds into the dirt bag or container. This hose can become clogged with hair and dirt and you might need to use your fingers or some tweezers to tease any blockages free.

step 2. the filter.

A blocked filter will impact on the performance of your hoover so they need to be cleaned one way or another.

If there is a removable filter and your manual states it can be rinsed then remove it and tap it to dislodge the excess dust. You can then rinse it under a cold tap. When the water runs clear the job is done. Make sure you don’t replace it onto the machine until it is thoroughly dry.

N.B If your machine comes with a HEPA filter then you can’t use this rinsing method. Chances are you need to replace them with a new version.

step 3. the brush bar.

This is the part of the hoover that gets the grottiest because it’s at the coal face of your cleaning!

You’ll need to consult your manual to remove the bar from your vacuum. Then you can clean the dirt from the bristles. There will probably be a lot of hair and unravelling this will take time. Scissors can be handy or stitch picks, to make the hair looser. Be careful not to cut the brush itself.

Lastly, with a clean damp cloth, wipe the area around where the brush bar goes to remove any remaining dust. 

step 4. the hose. 

Dirt that has been left to clog in the vacuum hose can get very smelly so don’t forget to clean this through.

You’ll need to detach it from your hoover first so it’s loose. Check there are no major blockages by sliding a broom handle down the length of the hose. You can then submerge it into some warm soapy water for a 10 minute soak. Again our washing up liquid is perfect. Finish by flushing it with clean water and allowing it to dry.

step 5. the attachments.

Don’t forget to clean any brush tools and nozzle attachments with a damp soapy cloth. If there is hair tangled in the brush attachment carefully unpick this with your scissors.

step 6: the outside. 

It’s always worth giving the wheels and overall exterior a wipe down. Our smol multi purpose spray works well here with a clean cloth and the zesty citrus scent is always a help when working with a hoover. Just don’t use too much liquid and remember to dry the outside thoroughly afterwards.

and for a regular maintenance…

To ensure you’re getting the best from your machine it’s not just about a regular clean. Follow our tips to keeping things ticking over nicely.

  • Regularly empty the dust bag or container.

  • Clean the brush bar frequently.

  • Don’t vacuum spills and liquids and if you accidentally do - clean your machine.

  • Wipe down the exterior every few uses to keep the dust down.

Keeping up with regular maintenance will mean you should only need to do a complete clean once every 3 months or so; but bear in mind if you have a very dusty home, or pets etc you might prefer to clean your vacuum more often.

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