clean your toilet using a dishwasher tablet

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Turns out a dishwasher tablet is not just for the dishwasher.

smol fans are using them to transform their ovens, rescue burnt saucepans, remove limescale from shower screens and taps PLUS now they are shining up our toilet bowls with minimal effort required! 

pans not dishes.

Yes, it genuinely is a brilliant hack that’s going to cut down bathroom cleaning time in an instant. 

There are 2 different ways you can use your dishwasher tablet to clean your toilet bowl.

method 1. let it mellow. 

If the bowl is not looking too bad, you can simply drop the tablet into the bowl and leave it to work its magic (overnight is best). Some folk like to pour in some hot tap water to speed up the dissolve time - but it’s not strictly necessary. 

Once the tablet is dissolved you can use your usual toilet bowl scrubber to give the ceramic a final wipe over, then either flush or leave the tablet in for longer.

method 2. grab the gloves.

Stubborn hard water stains can form unsightly brown and orange marks on a ceramic toilet bowl and bleaching this limescale often doesn’t do the job. 

So fetch your rubber gloves, we’re going in!

Use your smol dishwasher tablet a little like a pumice and scrub the hard water marks directly with the tablet. The dishwasher tablet will start to dissolve the limescale and you can continue until all marks have disappeared. It’s a lucky coincidence that smol dishwasher tablets are designed to tackle hard water marks so the limescale deposits in your toilet bowl are completely fair game. 

So there you have it, yet one more trick from our dazzling dishwash tablets. 

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