how to clean oven racks (and more!) with a dishwasher tablet.

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You may well dread cleaning fiddly oven racks with their never-ending runs of wire and multiple nooks and crannies… however, there’s a nifty shortcut towards sparkling results with very minimal effort (and a dishwasher tablet!).

And we’re going to share it with you right now!

Here’s what you’re going to need. 

  • Your oven trays and racks

  • Aluminium Foil

  • Dishwasher tablets

  • An old towel or bath mat

  • Gloves

  • A Bath or large sink

  • Hot water

step 1

hands wearing rubber gloves wrapping aluminium foil around oven shelves

Put your gloves on and individually wrap up your oven trays and racks with your sheets of aluminium foil. 

step 2 

hand wearing rubber glove and holding a dishwasher tablet. Dishwasher tablet placed on top of oven shelves wrapped in foil, in a bath.

Place the towel on the bottom of your bath or sink then pop the aluminium-wrapped trays and racks on top. Add a smol dishwasher tablet on top of each wrapped item and cover everything with hot water.

step 3

taking foil off shelves and rinsing with water in the bath 

Leave your racks for at least 2 hours (preferably overnight) then drain the water and unwrap everything before rinsing things down. The foil can be put in your recycling.

step 4

hands wearing rubber gloves putting shiny oven shelves into oven 

Return your shining trays and racks to your oven. Job done!

Of course, now you might find the rest of your oven looks a little grimy, but don’t panic. Your smol dishwasher tablets can help you out again.

for the shiniest oven glass door

hands wearing rubber gloves rubbing dishwasher tablet onto glass oven door and then cleaning away with a damp cloth

Firstly, ensure the oven is turned off and is cold.

Then get your rubber gloves back on, dip the smol (but mighty) dishwasher tablet in warm water (don’t wet the tablet too much or it’ll crumble), and rub it all over those stubborn stains on your oven door! You don’t need to apply lots of pressure, just let the enzymes in the tablet do the work. 

The burn marks and baked-on spots will come away easily. Just keep dampening the tablet as you rub.

Give it a wipe with a wet cloth (smol ones made from plants are perfect), and voilà! A sparkling oven door.

If you prefer, glass doors can often be removed from ovens, so you can always consult your oven manual to remove it carefully and then clean it on a separate flat surface if this feels easier. 

Either way, we think the results will speak for themselves. Minimal effort, less chemicals and maximum results, that’s our kind of cleaning!

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