How to use our donate a wash scheme.

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Hygiene poverty is a humiliating and hidden issue, but incredibly real.

1 in 5 families are currently living in poverty here in the UK and with the rising cost of living we want to support the vital work of an incredible charity that works at the grassroots level helping those of us in need.

The Hygiene Bank works day in and day out to deliver hygiene products to people who cannot otherwise afford them and in recent times they have seen demand for their help skyrocket. 

They know first hand that access to these items can help entire households improve their quality of life and even find their way out of poverty. 

how can we help?

Here at smol we have 2 distinct ways of giving targeted help to those who are genuinely in need (suds in school and "donate a wash"). We continue to work closely with The Hygiene Bank charity to ensure the most possible benefit from all the donations that we provide. 

Over 15,000 of you lovely people have now joined our donate a wash scheme; helping us send an incredible 60,000 washes to The Hygiene Bank in our latest donation.

If you have yet to take part, please do consider joining, it is simple to do and is making a really big difference. You will find the DONATE button on your account once you have logged in.

Once selected, it will confirm that 30p will add to whichever smol plan you link the scheme to. Each time your order is processed, you will be charged an extra 30p and 2 bio laundry capsules will be sent to The Hygiene Bank.

Select however many plans you wish to apply the scheme to:

The capsules make a BIG difference to the charity and they immediately distribute them out to local food banks and voluntary groups working within community centres and schools. The capsules get straight to the places they are needed most. 

Feedback from one delivery to a local food bank was sobering.

“Thank you! It’s an incredible donation and will help so many people. There were even a few tears from a lady that works at the Food Bank as she is asked so often for washing tablets and the normal answer is NO. It breaks her heart, and now she won’t have to say no.”

And to those of you already supporting us in this THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Your contribution is making a difference and we’re very, very grateful.

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