top 7 unusual cleaning uses with dishwasher tablets.

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Let’s count the ways we LOVE our award-winning dishwash tablets:

  • sparkling results for your dishwasher

  • plastic-free packaging

  • salt, rinse aid & glass protector all included

  • cuts carbon & chemicals

  • vegan & cruelty-free

BUT… did you know about dishwasher tablets’ secret talent for cleaning all around your home? It appears our customers have discovered that smol dishwash tablets are NOT just for the dishwasher.

So it’s over to the smollers from our community facebook page - smol hacks: tips and tricks, for our

… top 7 things you can clean with dishwasher tablets…beside dishes! 

1. toilet bowls! 

Yep! It’s great for tackling those annoying limescale marks that nothing seems to shift. Most folk seem to leave it overnight for a sparkling bowl first thing! You can also add some hot water to help the tablet dissolve more quickly. Give it a go and see what you think. It certainly beats all that scrubbing!

2. shower screens.

Some of you dissolve a tablet in a spray bottle to create a leave-on solution whilst others prefer to go straight to it with the tablet. Either way, there are some transformative results for those of us living in hard water areas. 

Check out the before and after photos below… there’s a bathroom door lurking somewhere behind the before photo! 

3. sink plugs.

Unsightly rings be gone! 

Limescale on plugs can require harsh chemicals to remove - OR you could just keep a handy pink smol dishwash tablet to hand! A quick rub with a damp smol dishwash tablet restores plugs and taps to former glory.  Use it on your taps too as well as your shower control, stem and head.

Just look at the shine!

4. metal flasks and mugs.

In the words of one smoller: I only left it for about 2 hours. It was unbelievable what came away from it 🤢

P.S. Always remember to thoroughly rinse your flask or mug after using your tablet to clean.

5. Cooker extractors.

We’d heard of smollers diluting a tablet in a spray bottle to use on their extractors but then Jenny came up with something really ingenious…

6. oven door. 

It just wouldn’t be right to discuss dishwash tablet hacks without mentioning the good old oven door tip…

Simply grab a bowl of warm water, some gloves and your smol, then rub the damp tablet on the brown stains. It’s very therapeutic to watch as the muck gets eaten before your very eyes. 

7. beyond burnt pans.

If burning the bottom of your saucepans is one of your specialities then you really need our dishwash tablets in your life. 

Rub a damp tablet on the offending burn or leave to soak for several hours. Either way you won’t be going through so many pans.

So, there you have them.

Our 7 most unusual dishwash tablet hacks for cleaning all around the home. And don’t forget, if you’ve not yet started your dishwasher tablet plan you can grab a FREE TRIAL using the link below. 

And if you’ve not yet joined our community hack group on Facebook, come on over. It’s full of customer tips and tricks on all sorts of cleaning topics. A friendly, supportive bunch who LOVE their smol. We’ll see you there on smol hacks: tips and tricks


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