making the right choices.

We are passionate about our packaging. It must be sustainable. It must do its job brilliantly.

the challenge.

smol laundry capsules and dishwash tablets are 100% water soluble; our packaging must therefore be water-tight to prevent them becoming damaged in transport or storage.

Our packaging must also be robust and secure to impede access to younger children.

recycled and recyclable.

We have worked hard to create the most sustainable pack possible for our needs.

Our pack is made out of 90% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). We aim to increase this to 100% recycled by 2020.

Our pack is 100% continuously recyclable.

size does matter.

We designed our pack to be super compact which means we use less plastic than other comparable brands; which in turn minimises our carbon footprint in delivery.

Since launch we have already made improvements that will reduce the overall plastic we use by 20%.

plastic free.

We are looking to reduce our environmental footprint further. Areas of interest include biodegradable and bio-sourced packaging (such as corn or potato-based plastics) and also packs made from fibre pulp.

We look forward to keeping you posted as we progress with these exciting new possibilities.

our boxes.

Our postal boxes are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) approved which means the board comes from responsibly managed forests. Like the rest of our packaging, our outer boxes are made from recycled board and are 100% recyclable too.

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