Making the right choices.

We are passionate about packaging. Our materials must be sustainable and must work brilliantly.

Saying no to unnecessary plastic.

Our brilliant laundry and dishwash plastic-free packs took over a year to develop. We believe they are a world first. We will always champion plastic-free solutions wherever possible.

Our recyclable/compostable packs protect your smol laundry and dishwash on their way to your home. A child-lock mechanism on laundry packs also impedes access to younger children.

Refill, Reuse and Recycle.

Our fabulous fabric conditioner bottles are made using 100% post consumer recycled plastic plus you can return them to us for refill. They are also fully recyclable.

Wave goodbye to single-use plastic and say hello to sustainable surface sprays. Our refillable cleaning bottles are made using recycled plastic and are also fully recyclable.

our boxes.

Our boxes are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) approved which means the board comes from responsibly managed forests.

We also print our packs using vegetable-based inks.