better choices shouldn’t cost the earth.

Most “eco” brands charge premium prices and deliver disappointing results. We don’t think that’s the way to make a difference.

Switching to sustainable cleaning products must be affordable because choosing to care about the earth should not come with a high price tag. And yet that’s what is often the case with many so-called “greener” brands.

Yes, it’s hard to price-match with the big brands. We’ll always invest in ingredients and packaging that are sustainable and lower in plastic, chemicals and carbon. We also only ever work with ethical suppliers to ensure vegan, cruelty-free products and sustainable manufacturing. With these core values comes higher costs. And without access to multinational - style production systems and their economies of scale, of course we are at a disadvantage. 

But by cutting out the middlemen we can keep our prices fair. 

We want everyone to join the smol revolution and that means a commitment to products that give results to match the big brands, in sustainable packaging systems at a fair price. Because when everyone is doing their ‘bit’ it adds up to a ‘lot’ and we don’t need just a few people doing sustainable living perfectly…we need everyone on the planet doing sustainable living imperfectly. 

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