The UK disposes of over 468 MILLION single-use plastic cleaning spray bottles every year. Time to say NO to landfill and YES to refill…

Of the millions of plastic cleaning bottles disposed of each year, it’s thought only 12% is recycled. Up to 83% of people* are still unsure whether these bottles are recyclable which results in nearly half of us sending them to landfill instead.

Our recycled plastic cleaning bottles are yours forever! They are bottles-for-life! It’s a great way to wave goodbye to single-use plastic. 

Our surface sprays arrive as tiny refill tablets. Just dissolve them in some water from your very own tap and hey presto… you just made cleaning spray!

And let’s not forget our other liquid products like fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, stain gel and laundry liquid. They all come with bottles-for-life too. Your refills will arrive in clever cartons that decant straight into your bottles. Lovely.

Find out exactly how to refill with smol here!