It’s easy to recycle our personal care products.

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Many of you will have seen our brilliant new body range and many of you have also now taken the plunge to join us in getting personal! 

We’ve had such lovely feedback from our customers so far…

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But because recent research* has shown that 56% of UK households DON'T recycle bathroom products (and around 95% of that ends up in landfill), we thought we’d give a rundown on how EASY it is to recycle your smol packaging.

raising the bar.

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And the key to this ease lies in the simplicity of our packaging.

If you’ve done yourself a solid and swapped to the bar - then there are no more plastic bottles to clutter up the bathroom and NOT get recycled. 

Our ocean body bar, shampoo bar and hand soap bar come packaged in simple recyclable cardboard.

Cardboard is one of the most widely recycled materials in the UK, with every local council able to collect and recycle from homes. In fact just over 80%** of all the UK’s card and paper waste that is created now successfully gets recycled. There is high demand for recycled card so the board we put into our recycling bins has a high value for the recyclers and you can be pretty sure that what you put out for collection is going to be recycled. 

Compare that to just over 12% of all plastic packaging created in the UK being successfully recycled, and you can see why cardboard wins the day.

a stat to make you sweat. 

Over 3.2 BILLION single-use plastic deodorant packs get thrown out every year.

Well, now there’s no need because smol anti-perspirant deodorant comes in a clever planet-friendlier cardboard case, so there’s no plastic. Just push the stick upwards and use your deo as usual. 

Your packaging is going to last as long as your deodorant… not for hundreds of years beyond. So love it for as long as it’s with you because there’s no need for expensive refill systems and it can go in your cardboard recycling with your kerbside collection. 

another reason to smile… 

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…is thanks to our toothpaste in its aluminium tube! It couldn’t be easier to recycle.

Most tubes are a mix of plastic and aluminium which makes them impossible to recycle - recycling plants just don’t have the ability to separate out the 2 materials in order to then recycle them both.

So having a tube that’s JUST aluminium solves the problem. Around 75%*** of the UK’s waste aluminium now gets recycled. It’s probably one of the most valuable materials (being infinitely recyclable) that you can put in your recycling bin so remember to smile as you do so!

When your smol toothpaste tube is all used up there’s no need to clean it out - just pop on the lid and put it straight in your metal recycling.

Oh and the box it came in? Well that was just cardboard too so again… an easy recycling win for the bin.

a sucker for the cause. 

And let’s not forget our magnets… they’re taking sinks and showers by storm. 

The perfect partner to our solid bars, they’ll attach to any smooth surface thanks to their simple suction cup. And that means no drilling, no glueing… just a quick stick. You’re REALLY going to cut back on your plastic-use in the bathroom and it’s going to feel good. 

No more single-use plastic bottles, just a cardboard box from FSC source approved board that you can pop in your compost or put out for your kerbside recycling.

It couldn’t be easier to recycle our personal care range packaging. So let’s get rid of bathroom waste.. you know what to do!



*Courage to Change Report 2022
***recycle more


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