shampoo bars for good hair days.

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shampoo for good hair days


We’re fed up of the psuedoscience and jargon that’s plastered all over big brand health and beauty products, so the smol revolution just got personal. How we keep ourselves clean is LONG overdue a change.  

Pearl definition, pretox, volume control… are we talking televisions or shampoos?

Let’s end unscientific, dreamt-up marketing madness and let’s do something about the immense torrent of plastic that is pouring out of our bathrooms instead.

a zero waste solution.

95% of all our health and beauty packaging here in the UK is single use and we currently throw away up to 520 MILLION plastic shampoo bottles each year. 


Yet, it’s shockingly easy to move from liquids to solids and now we’re all adults we probably should. Our shampoo bars let you go plastic-free with a compostable cardboard box and zero waste from your bar.

And the thing is… they really work.

bubble up. 

Shampoo bar formulations have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and our sensational summer fruits scented bar with 92% natural origin ingredients is no exception.

Just wet your hair, wet the bar, work up a lather and rub the bubbles on your hair. Keep adding the lather from your hands as much as you feel you need - maybe wet your hair again whilst adding the lather… before you know it, you’ll be overflowing in bubbles with a rich foamy lather that’s only got one thing on its mind… 

All that’s left is to massage and rinse.

Natural avocado, mango and cranberry oils will gently cleanse and actively moisturise with the scent of summer fruits. And what’s more, our bar is dermatologically tested so it’s safe for sensitive skin. No SLS or parabens here. 

Shows a person using shampoo on their hair

shampoo bars last twice as long as liquid shampoo.

Each bar will give up to 60 hair washes so it can last twice as long as a 250ml plastic bottle of shampoo. And there’s no worries about whether your packaging is going to be successfully recycled. Our cardboard boxes are fully recyclable and made using FSC certified card.

only tested on tresses.

Most of the health & beauty brands in our bathrooms are owned by a few giant corporations and many STILL either engage in animal testing OR fund animal testing in some capacity. The most common example is testing on animals where the law requires it in certain countries. The use of animal derived ingredients is also common especially in our shampoos and conditioners.

Our shampoo bar is Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International and Vegan. You’d be amazed how many shampoos don’t make the grade.

never run out of shampoo again.

With each pack holding 2 x 70g bars for just £8 with free delivery, it’s one more way to revolutionise how you wash and get rid of those plastic bottles. Our clever system will work out how much you need and only send your packs out at a schedule that YOU want. And of course you can cancel, pause or reschedule via your account at any time. 

A hand holding up a smol shampoo bar

and to really revolutionise your move to the bar…

… you’ll want the perfect partner. Really attractive yet with an easy way about them… we’re bringing back soap magnets from the 1970s.

These tiny magnets hold on tight so there’s no more soap scum on surfaces and no soggy bottoms. You’ll be totally stuck on them and they’ll help you save SO MUCH PLASTIC. 

Their suction cup fixing makes them eminently movable and so easy to put up. You’ll can’t help but feel drawn in…

shampoo for good hair days

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