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Revolutionise my bathroom


The smol revolution just got personal because how we keep ourselves clean is LONG overdue a change. 

We believe there is a better way to buy health and beauty products. And we know you do too… so we’re coming to your bathroom with formulations that cleanse brilliantly to change how you wash for good. 

No more unnecessary ingredients, no more beauty science bullsh*t and no more single-use plastic. 

what’s gone wrong?

jargon & pseudoscience.

We’re fed up with made-up ingredients and long words followed by trademark symbols. That’s a dead giveaway it’s unscientific, dreamt-up marketing madness to grab your attention. Pearl definition, pretox, non-comedogenic, volume control… eh?

turn your back on plastic.

Our bathrooms are full of it. In fact the beauty industry is a top 5 plastic polluter, creating over 120 billion units of plastic packaging each year. 95% of this is single-use and the majority ends up in landfill or incinerators. It’s NOT sustainable. 

UK bathrooms produce over 152 tonnes* of empty plastic bottles every year (the same weight as a blue whale). And our recycling systems just aren’t working. Our plastic is mostly being burnt or going to landfill.

With each of us using around 5 plastic bottles* each day as part of our hygiene routine, we can all make a HUGE difference by switching up our washing regimen. 

81% of us want plastic-free alternatives… and we’re on a mission to help.

silly studies.

Enough with the meaningless statistics. You know the adverts, the ones where they say 69% of 47 women agreed… small sample sizes make for meaningless results based on the opinions of a few. That’s not a scientific result based on hard facts from laboratory research with a double blind clinical trial. It’s just subjective sensationalism.

water bad idea.

80% of liquid shampoo, soap & shower gel is just water. So yes, we’re paying for bottles of mostly water. And then we’re adding it to even more water when we use it.

Let’s stop carting heavy bottles all around the place creating unnecessary carbon footprints. The one great thing about our bathrooms is they tend to all have a water supply ;) All the water we need is in our taps and showerheads. We never needed liquid products to get clean.

animal cruelty.

Most of the health & beauty brands in our bathrooms are owned by a few giant corporations and most of them STILL either engage in animal testing OR fund animal testing in some capacity. The most common example is testing on animals where the law requires it in certain countries. The use of animal derived ingredients is also common. 

smol products are Leaping Bunny certified by Cruelty Free International. It's the global gold standard in cruelty-free accreditation and you’d be amazed by how many bathroom products wouldn’t make the grade.

SO, what’s the smol solution?

We’re here to change how you wash for good… and we’ll make it effortless and without compromise. All you will feel is clean (and you’ll smell wonderful too). No snake oil added.

Here are the new personal care products now available for smol customers…


Shows smol shampoo bar with suds alongside its pink packaging


Now we’re all grown up, we should really move from liquids to solids. You’ll need to make a lather… in your hands or straight onto your hair - but the bubbles will come - we promise.

The UK throws away 520 million*** bottles of shampoo every year but it’s so simple to make the swap. Our soap magnets will keep your bars handy and dry and wow, it’s a good hair day when you ditch the plastic.


Shows smol body bar with suds alongside its blue packaging


We’re bringing back the bar for every body so you can give up the bottle. It lasts longer, will cost you less and doesn’t involve plastic. Stick it on your shower wall with our removable suction cup soap magnets and you’ll never experience a soggy bottom.


Shows smol hand bar with suds alongside its purple packaging


Soap bars can last 6 x longer than a bottle of liquid soap saving you £££s AND they weigh a fraction of a full liquid soap bottle so your carbon footprint will reduce! Pair them with our magnificent soap magnets and you’ll revolutionise your hand washing! 


Shows three smol soap bar magnets in front of their pale green packaging


Let’s raise the bar in the bathroom, quite literally. These tiny magnets hold on tight so there’s no more soap scum on surfaces and no soggy bottoms. You’ll be totally stuck on them and they’ll help you save SO MUCH PLASTIC. 

Their suction cup fixing makes them eminently movable and so easy to put up. You’ll can’t help but feel attracted… 


Shows smol toothpaste tube with lid off and blue packaging above it

Fresh breath with no need to froth at the mouth. Our toothpaste is SLS-free so there’s no fake foaming, just gentle bubbles for clean teeth and one less thing to rinse into our waterways.

And the tube itself? It’s aluminium. Most tubes are a mix of plastics and aluminium which makes them really hard to recycle. It’s unlikely they are accepted via your kerbside collection. SO… our tubes are purely aluminium. Aluminium recycling rates are at record levels now in the UK, and because it’s infinitely recyclable it's a really sustainable material to use.


Shows six smol toothbruses

It’s time to clean your teeth with a toothbrush made from plants. No fossil fuels and no BPA… even the bristles are bio-based.

If 256 million** toothbrushes are thrown out in the UK every year, wouldn’t you want yours to decompose? The planet has no need for old plastic ones, so let’s stop buying them in the first place.

smol anti perspirant deodorant

And coming soon! A deodorant to swear by… the FIRST plastic-free anti-perspirant. No fiddly refills. No single use-plastic. Just cotton-fresh armpits and simple recyclable cardboard packaging that lasts as long as your deodorant (not 100’s of years). Love it for as long as it’s with you. We rest our case.

Watch this space, this very special product will be launching soon.

a cleaner clean.

Head to your account and you’ll see exactly how to make the smol revolution personal. And as always, If you’ve got any questions just email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Revolutionise my bathroom


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