toothpaste to smile about.

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toothpaste to smile about

What do we want from a toothpaste?

  • Plaque prevention & cavity protection

  • Fresh breath

  • Dentist-recommended fluoride

  • Recyclable tube

And what DON’T we want?

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to irritate our gums*

  • Plastic mixes that make the tube non recyclable

  • Unnecessary ingredients and GMOs

So smol has created a new, effective toothpaste to tick all your boxes! 

no need to froth at the mouth.

Our formulation is SLS-free which is good news if you suffer from mouth and/or gum sensitivity*. Research shows SLS could irritate the delicate lining of the mouth and cause something called ‘oral mucosa peeling,’ which is essentially stripping away the delicate membrane of your mouth’s soft tissues. So you won’t find any in our paste.

Which also means there’s no fake foaming, just gentle bubbles for a whole-mouth clean and one less thing to rinse into our waterways. 

Shows a person brushing their teeth

really clean teeth.

Natural mint oil gives a really refreshing clean whilst dentist-recommended fluoride will fight against cavities, prevent tartar and protect enamel. 

Oh and yes, it’s going to help whiten your teeth AND give you fresh breath for a grin that’s winning.

smile & recycle.

And the tube itself? It’s aluminium. 

Most tubes are a mix of plastics and aluminium which makes them really hard to recycle. It’s unlikely they are accepted via your kerbside collection. SO… our tubes are purely aluminium. Aluminium recycling rates are at record levels now in the UK, and because it’s infinitely recyclable it's a really sustainable material to use.

And the box it arrives in? It’s FSC cardboard. You can pop it in your kerbside paper collection or add it to your garden compost where it can feed the earthworms.

no unnecessary ingredients.

You won’t find any artificial dyes or preservatives, SLS, GMOs, Palm Oil or gluten.

Shows a hand holding up a smol toothpaste tube

only tested on teeth.

Human ones that is! We are proud to say our toothpaste is cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny approved and 100% free from any animal derived ingredients.

Why not pair it with our brilliant bamboo toothbrushes? Made using sustainably sourced bamboo, even the bristles are bio-based! No fossil fuels and no BPA, just clean teeth and a cleaner planet.

never run out again. 

With each pack holding 3 x 75ml tubes for just £12 with free delivery, it’s one more way to revolutionise how you wash and get rid of those plastic tubes. Our clever system will work out how much you need and only send your packs out at a schedule that YOU want. And of course you can cancel, pause or reschedule via your account at any time. 

Now we’re beaming.

toothpaste to smile about


*Research from the British Dental Journal and NCBI shows SLS could be an irritant to the mouth and cause ‘oral mucosa peeling. (Hassona and Scully, 2013).

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