magnets made to match our shampoo, body & hand bars.

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smol soap magnets


Moving from liquids to solids in the bathroom doesn’t need to feel like a giant leap. 

In fact we’re determined to turn it into one smol step for all of us with the simple addition of our seriously attractive soap magnets. 

They’re going to help us:

  • ditch the plastic

  • cut our carbon footprint 

  • AND save money at the same time.

We think they’ll revolutionise your time in the bathroom… and that’s EXACTLY what we want. 

How we keep clean should change and that’s why the smol revolution has just got personal. 

raising the bar.

If we all swapped to solid shampoo bars, conditioner bars, body bars and hand soap bars the world would be shielded from BILLIONS of single-use plastic bottles. And our suction cup soap magnets are just the thing to help your move to the bar.

no more soap scum.

Say sayonara to slippery soap scum on the sink or soap holder. It’s time to raise the bar and stick it on the wall where it can air-dry happily and keep your surfaces clean. 

a longer lasting clean.

Because your bar is stuck up on the wall it’s going to dry super fast and that means no more soggy bottoms in a soap dish. Your bars will last even longer and remember they’re already lasting you many times longer than a bottle of liquid soap/shampoo. Winner.

Shows a smol soap bar magnet

plastic-free packaging.

Here’s the biggie. You’re REALLY going to cut back on your plastic-use in the bathroom and it’s going to feel good. 

No more single-use plastic bottles, just a cardboard box from FSC board that you can pop in your compost or put out for your kerbside recycling.

easy to fix… easy to move.

Your soap magnets will attach to any smooth surface thanks to a simple suction cup. And that means no drilling, no glueing… just a quick stick. 

And of course because it’s just a suction cup you can remove it and move it as often as you need. No wonder we’re so stuck on them.

Shows a hand holding a smol soap bar with a smol magnet on it

how to use smol’s new soap magnets.

  • Take your suction cup and stick it to your desired surface.

  • Soften one side of your bar with a wet cloth.

  • Press the claw button into the softened side.

  • Leave to dry then stick it on your wall magnet.

And when your shampoo/body/hand bar is all used up, remove the claw button from any slivers of soap and press it into your next bar. ENJOY that new soap moment!

revolutionise your bathroom

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