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We’re always down for a quiz here at smol and if it’s one that helps us ditch plastic from our lives… who doesn’t love that?

And as luck would have it we’ve only gone and created a quiz that hits the spot. Say hello to our Plastic Purger Quiz.

If you’re feeling weighed down by the plastic in your home our purger will help you feel instantly lighter.

Just select how many people are living in your household and then pick all the smol swaps you’d like to try. 

Our clever calculator will work out how much plastic your household will be ditching over the course of one year. It’s shocking! It's inspiring! It's a little bit addictive!

homes, or bodies, or both…

smol customers have been saving extraordinary amounts of plastic for years now and most months together we prevent over 30 tonnes of the stuff from ever needing to be used. 

laundry & dishes.

That’s partly thanks to our world-first and patented cardboard packaging for laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets. Of course all our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic so that’s another saving right there BUT you can ALSO now save with our refill systems.

refills at home and away. 

Switching to our multi purpose surface spray allows you to refill your bottle for life in the comfort of your own home! Just a tiny tablet and some water from your tap, means that every time you refill you’re saving your home from another single-use plastic spray bottle. Most households in the UK use around 25 cleaning bottles each year and it’s just no longer necessary.

And for our other bottles like fabric conditioner, stain gel and washing up liquid, you can now send them back to us for FREE so they can be refilled and reused. Learn more about that here.

washing into your bathroom.

And then there’s a whole world of plastic savings in the way we keep our bodies clean! It’s one of the reasons why the smol revolution got personal. 

Deodorant, shampoo bottles, shower gel, toothpaste tubes, razors, sanitary pads, dental floss… our bathrooms are jam packed with plastic and that means there’s some easy swaps for you to lighten the load.

Ditching liquid shampoo and adopting the shampoo bar could save you around 11 bottles of shampoo per person each year. And how about turning your back on liquid hand soap bottles… we’re embracing the humble soap bar here at smol. It uses 6 x less the amount of soap (by weight) each time you wash your hands so one of our bars will save you from a giant 450ml plastic bottle of liquid soap.

Suddenly it’s easy to see how simple these plastic savings can be.

So take our Plastic Purger Quiz, share it on your socials, and tell us what savings you could make… we love to see your screenshots because smol things really can make a big difference.


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