treat your body to a bundle of goodies.

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If you’re already a smol customer, now’s the perfect time to get personal with smol's TOP 5 body swaps on the smol shop.

You'll cut more carbon, ditch more plastic AND feel refreshingly clean.

what’s in the body bundle?

For just £11 (plus £2 delivery), you’ll receive all these:

And what’s really good to know… there’s no more pointless ingredients (yes we mean YOU, heavy bottles of shampoo and shower gel that are mostly water). All the water we need is in our bathrooms already thank you, so let’s move from liquids to solids. Let’s cut the carbon and the beauty science bullsh*t and while we’re at it, we’ll ditch all this single-use plastic.

Because how we keep ourselves clean is LONG overdue a change.

good hair days. 

With moisturising natural oils that cleanse and nourish, the scent of summer fruits and gentle musk; our shampoo bar works brilliantly for all hair types and is dermatologically tested. Simply work up a lather on your head or in your hands. Either way, enjoy those SLS and parabens-free bubbles. Oh, and there’s no plastic here. Just recyclable cardboard. Lovely. 

zero plastic for every body.

Wake up skin with a wave of woody balsam, fresh sea salt and lemon. It’s an ocean-side shower! Our body bar revitalises and refreshes with invigorating bubbles, leaving skin clean and beautifully moisturised thanks to some lovely shea butter. Of course, it’s dermatologically tested and free from SLS and parabens but it ALSO means zero plastic for every body because it simply comes in cardboard. Nice.

hands up for plastic-free.

A wonderfully moisturising hand soap with its cleansing lemon verbena and green tea fragrance. No wonder we’re feeling all zen-like! Liquid hand soap uses up to 6 x more soap by weight than the humble bar… what a waste! Arriving in simple cardboard, there’s no plastic here. Our bar has no SLS, parabens or silicone, there’s just spotless mitts and the scent of calm. 

plastic is the pits.

For proven 24 hr protection against sweat and odour and a fresh, dry feeling ALL DAY LONG;  you’ll love our alcohol-free anti-perspirant. Crisp apple and soft jasmine blend for a cotton fresh scent that truly lasts AND the dispenser is made from cardboard. That’s it. Wave goodbye to plastic waste. 

PLUS it’s SO EASY to use: Remove the cardboard top, gently push the anti-perspirant stick upwards from its base and use your deo as usual. A few swipes is all you’ll need!

sustainable smiles. 

With dentist-recommended fluoride, smol toothpaste fights cavities, reduces plaque, prevents tartar AND protects enamel. Cooling peppermint gives a long-lasting fresh feel and an SLS-free low-foam formula makes it perfect for sensitive mouths. All this AND you can recycle the tube… it’s aluminium! Now we're beaming.

only tested on our team. 

Most health and beauty brands are owned by a few giant corporations and most of them STILL either engage in animal testing or fund animal testing in some way. The most common example is testing on animals where the law requires it in certain countries.The use of animal derived ingredients is also common. Look for the Leaping Bunny to make sure your personal care is cruelty-free. It’s always on smol. 


You’ll never run out of personal care supplies again! 

Your refills will arrive just as you need them and all future deliveries can be adjusted via your online account to suit YOUR needs as often as YOU like.

tempted to try more?

We think you’ll be attracted to our tiny soap magnets; because they’re quite literally raising the bar in the bathroom. 

They hold on tight so there’s no more soap scum on surfaces and no soggy bottoms. You’ll be totally stuck on them and they’ll help you save SO MUCH PLASTIC. 

Their suction cup fixing makes them eminently movable and so easy to put up. You’ll can’t help but feel attracted… find them in your customer account and you’ll never look back.

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