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It's our summer smoltalk and like a true British holiday it's been equal parts sunshine and rain throughout the month as we come to the end of Plastic Free July. A month where we're all about the plastic-free so we're sharing the latest from Manchester's Sustainability Show PLUS there's a really exciting bit of news around our donate a wash scheme that we can't wait to share with you, so read on...

smol hygiene poverty

Here's something worth celebrating... with the help of our incredible customers we have now donated over HALF A MILLION WASHES to The Hygiene Bank!

That’s 500,000 laundry capsules making a difference to those of us that need some extra support. THANK YOU for helping us to make a difference to some of the 3 million UK citizens living in hygiene poverty.

“Donate a wash has done so much for families living in hygiene poverty. We know access to clean clothing might feel like a small thing but for both adults and kids going without, it can be socially excluding, inhibit learning and impact mental health. Our projects are always overjoyed to receive smol donations as laundry detergent is one of the most common basics people cut back on. We are incredibly proud of this partnership and grateful to each and every smol customer who has got us to this incredible milestone of 500,000 washes."

- Amy Harris, Head of Brands and Corporates, The Hygiene Bank

If you'd like to get involved like the many thousands of our customers who have signed up to our donate a wash scheme, log in to your customer account to add 30p to a smol order which enables us to donate 2 washes each time your delivery processes to continue to support those who need it.   

Many of you might remember we began our Suds in Schools programme nearly two years ago. But for those who haven't heard of our campaign, with the help of our customers we raised over £50k on Crowdfunder (an incredible amount of money) which has been used to install mini laundrettes in over 50 schools throughout the UK.

The machines (and free smol capsules!) give families and the school community free access to laundry facilities - another way to support those living in hygiene poverty. There's been so much going on behind the scenes in this campaign over the last couple of years and we've SO much to update you on... so keep your eyes peeled for more news coming soon.

smol how to remove suncream stains

When suncream smears onto your clothes, we've all fallen victim to those annoying yellow stains. The culprit is usually an ingredient called avobenzone that is found in many suntan lotions which, when combined with water, sweat and the hot sun, it all adds up to a painful stain.

So here are our 5 top tips to tackle those suncream stains:
  1. You can't make a better start than with our stain removal gel. Just wet the stained area with cold water, apply a few pumps of stain gel and gently rub it into the suncream stain. Leave for 2 mins then wash as normal.

  2. Basic hand soap can also remove sunscreen stains. Add some with a little warm water to the stains and gently rub in with a clean cloth. Leave the soap to absorb for a few hours then wash the item as normal.

  3. Washing up liquid is also worth a try, especially if the sun lotion is quite greasy. Dampen the mark and add your washing up liquid then gently rub the stain. Rinse and wash as normal.

  4. Clear white vinegar is another stain remover that can cut through oily stains. Soak the stain in the white vinegar for a few hours then wash the item on as hot a wash as your care label allows. 

  5. Try eucalyptus oil! Not only does it smell great, it's good at tackling oily stains. Make sure you use a pure essential eucalyptus oil without any synthetic ingredients (these can stain). Simply coat the stained area, leave it for a few minutes, and then wash as normal.

Remember, whichever method you opt for, always check the clothing care instructions and do a patch test in an inconspicuous area before proceeding with the full stain removal.

smol products team careers

Zoey's under the spotlight for this smoltalk edition and it's fair to say she's a fan of our dishwasher tablets!

can you give a brief description of your job?
I’m the Financial Controller at smol. It’s a role that has a great mix of the day-to-day as well as projects that are designed to help support the company as we grow. This means that I am involved in everything from ensuring that our suppliers get paid on time, to implementing new systems to make our life easier.

what’s your favourite smol product and why?
I love the washing up liquid the most at the moment. Our young kids love it too - we’re getting through lots of it, as their favourite part is (repeatedly) pressing the pump to make bubbles in the washing up bowl!

what’s the best bit about your job and working for smol?
There's always something new happening at smol and I really enjoy the variety that comes with that but what I love the most is working for a company that is serious about changing the world and doing the right thing.

what’s a handy eco-friendly tip you can share for household cleaning?
The versatility of the smol dishwasher tabs!
Burnt oven trays? Add a dishwasher tab overnight. Need a leave-in toilet cleaner? Add a dishwasher tab. Help with my whites? Dishwasher tab.I think I’m going to need to increase my subscription…

it’s the weekend... where will we find you and what are you doing?
Usually at a park or a children’s birthday party (don’t worry, I’m with my two young children!). When I take time for myself it’s generally something outdoors; a walk in the woods with our dog, Shadow, or out on my paddleboard somewhere nearby.

smol sustainability show Manchester


Hello Manchester Sustainability Show!

This July we headed to Manchester's Sustainability Show. We showed off all our products, chatted with other brands on a mission to do better for the planet and best of all, we got to meet so many of our lovely customers. 

You could even find our Creative Director Matt, and our Marketing Manager Lucy on panels and workshops across the weekend sharing smol hacks and talking about how to stay sustainable at home. 

Watch the video here to see if you can spot our brand new secret products too!

smol plastic free dish brush

Give plastic the brush off!

smol customers are LOVING our NEW wooden dishbrush because there's no more nasty nylon and no more microplastics rinsing down your sink! Each year millions of plastic dishbrushes end up in landfill because they are simply not recyclable. Even those with wooden handles can use nylon bristles. More plastic waste that’s just not necessary.
  • OUR compostable, biodegradable brush uses FSC certified beech wood and tampico plant fibre bristles. That’s it… nothing more and not a drop of plastic.

  • Because it’s all-natural you’ll find it dries fast… which means less bacteria in your kitchen.

  • Your starter pack includes 1 complete dishbrush (handle & head) and 2 EXTRA replacement heads.

  • You’ll then receive your 4-pack of replacement brush heads at regular intervals to suit YOU and ensure you never run out.

Log into your account to order our new dishbrush now.

It’s recommended to replace washing up brush heads every 2 months or so but you’ll find it has many more months of extra life to live… use it for your shoe polish, cleaning outdoor furniture, scrubbing bathroom tiles etc; and once it’s really at the end of its useful life… pop it in your compost where it can harmlessly biodegrade.
Remember to head to our socials if you want to keep up on all our smol news between smoltalks! You'll find us on Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. Our Facebook site has a great and growing community page called smol hacks: tips and tricks... give it a join for some fun cleaning chat! It's a supportive and safe space for all things smol. Whatever you're up to this Summer, have a great one and we'll see you in the next smoltalk.
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