is your laundry detergent giving you a rash?

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Allergies are on the rise. 

A shocking 44% of adults and 50% of kids in the UK have at least one allergy and it’s predicted that by 2025 over half of us will be affected.*

But the question on our mind is whether laundry detergent might be causing allergies and rashes. 

an irritating issue.

If you do have an allergy it means you have an exaggerated response to substances known as allergens. Common allergens include peanuts, milk, animals, gluten and grass pollen. 

But, did you know this list can also include your laundry detergent? 

is it a washing powder rash?

Of course, it’s not JUST laundry detergent that can cause body rashes - there’s fabric softeners and perfume along with products we use directly on our bodies like body or hand soaps and shampoos

So, how do we know if a rash is caused by a laundry detergent allergic reaction?

check for skin irritation. 

Because tiny amounts of detergent stay on clothing it’s possible for it to cause a reaction. Usually it’s a red, itchy rash that appears shortly after you have put on your clothes. But the reaction could also be: red or hot skin, swelling, skin that is painful to touch, bumps or blisters. 

The reaction will keep going if you keep exposing yourself to the allergen and can take several weeks to clear up once you have removed the allergen.  

areas of no reaction. 

Take a look at areas of your skin that are NOT coming into contact with your clothing - if they are not showing signs of a rash then it makes it more likely the rash is caused by something that’s on your clothes. 

patch testing. 

For a definitive answer you might want to try patch testing. 

During a patch test, different allergens are taped onto your back and left for 48 hours. Once they are removed, your skin can be examined to see any reactions that have occurred. 


common culprits for skin rashes caused by laundry detergent. 

If you suspect your laundry detergent is causing your rash, there are 3 main ingredients that could be to blame.


Perfumes that are added to laundry detergent are of course there to make it smell good, but these ingredients can cause allergic reactions for some people. The stronger the smell from your laundry detergent, the more heavily loaded with perfumes it will be.


These are added to stop bacteria or fungi from taking hold in a detergent and give customers a nice long shelf life to their product. One type of preservative is called parabens and these have been known to cause skin reactions in people. 


Surfactants help to break down stains and then hold any dirt from your clothes in the water (stopping it re-depositing back onto your laundry). Having direct skin contact with them can cause a reaction for some people. 

Which laundry detergent is best for sensitive skin?

Finding laundry products that work when you have very sensitive skin is impossibly irritating, so when we formulated our brilliant non-bio into a capsule that was free from perfume, enzymes and colour, we knew it was going to be popular. We also knew we didn’t want people to have to pay a premium for the privilege. 

So, if you’ve looking for a laundry detergent that’s been dermatologically tested and designed specifically for sensitive skin then smol’s fragrance-free is one to try.

And what’s even better is it comes with a FREE TRIAL.

Having sensitive skin makes it all the more important to have that ability to test out a product before committing to a full pack. There’s nothing worse than buying detergent, using it once and finding you react… then being left with an almost full pack that’s of no use to you.

fragrance free laundry detergent which is best for sensitive skin

laundry detergent with great results. 

Just like our standard blue non-bio, our fragrance-free delivers the same great clean … it just doesn’t contain any scent or colour. Our smol technology means less chemicals per wash than the big brands and a lower carbon footprint plus of course it’s cruelty-free and vegan.

It’s also great for those who simply prefer their laundry to remain unscented but still want a deep fresh clean for their clothes.

And our plastic-free packs mean you save 4 water bottles worth of plastic each time your smol arrives. smol things really do make a big difference. 

So why not take the free trial today?




*European Academy Of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

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