make your own floor cleaner.

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Kitchen floor looking a bit grungy? 

Run out of floor cleaner?… or don’t want to buy yet another plastic cleaning bottle? 

If you’re already a smol customer, you now have access to the answer. Our easy-squeezy refillable floor cleaner; here to save time, save water and revolutionise your mopping as you squirt the dirt.

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and while you wait... 

How about a GREAT do-it-yourself recipe for a cleaning solution that's going to wipe the floor with all that grunge?

  1. Your kitchen floor is a high foot-traffic area so try to mop it once a week. 

  2. If your mop is a non-spray type, a 2 bucket system is best. One for the cleaning solution and one as a rinse bucket. It stops the cleaning solution from getting dirty. 

  3. Drying your mopped floors with a towel prevents streaks and water spots. 

recipe for success. 

making mop solution to clean the floor

You’ll just need TWO ingredients. Warm water and washing up liquid

The average 10 litre bucket of warm water needs just 4 pumps of smol washing up liquid

Because our washing up liquid is powered by plants it’s mild on most floor types and won’t leave a residue. It’s important not to overuse any washing up liquid though, you really don’t want to be battling with bubbles and left with a sticky film. 

take to the floor. 

There’s just 5 steps to this dance…

  1. Vacuum.

  2. Dip the mop in your solution, wring it out, then wipe your floor.

  3. Rinse mop in the second bucket of plain water and wring it out.

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 until the floor is done.

  5. Dry the floor with a clean towel or microfibre cloth. 

TOP TIP: Popping the drying cloth on the end of an upside-down mop handle means you can push it around without having to bend down! 

This method for floor cleanier solution is great for all floors - but check your specific type below for some important top tips…

linoleum, vinyl, porcelain or ceramic. 

Porcelain, linoleum or ceramic floors can be steam cleaned but DO NOT steam clean a vinyl floor as the heat can penetrate to the glue beneath and your vinyl flooring could start to lift.

slate, granite, limestone and terracotta. 

These tiles can scratch so take care with your mop. They will also really benefit from step 5 of our system and periodically will probably need specialist sealing solutions applied to prevent any cracking over time. 

If these natural stones become stained you’ll probably need to buy a special cleaner specifically made for whichever type of tile you have.

Don’t use a steamer.


When you vacuum a marble tile, use the brush head on your hoover and ensure you fully wring the mop out for each application. Use a minimal amount of water and dry your floor thoroughly. 

Marble tiles also benefit from a yearly seal to protect them from spills and stains. 

Don’t use a steamer. 


Less water is best for wooden floors, so really wring out your mop each time… you want a damp mop head rather than sopping wet one! 

and for grotty grout. 

Make a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water (aim for the consistency of porridge) and gently smooth it onto your grout with a clean cloth

Leave the paste overnight and next morning, brush the grout clean using an old toothbrush.

Ta’Dah! Clean enough to eat your dinner off. (DON’T do that though… you’ll have to clean the floor again ;) )



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