how to make use of leftover soap bits.

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Do the planet (and yourself) a solid and switch to hand bars, body bars and shampoo bars

Thousands of us have made the swap and it feels good to ditch those pesky plastic bottles from our bathrooms. It’s one reason why the smol revolution got personal

And there’s nothing like that new bar moment; but if you’ve any tiny soap slivers from your previous bar, don’t throw them out; there’s life in those scraps so read on… for our top 5 things to do with your teeny tiny soap bits…

top 5 uses for soap slivers.

1. stick with it.

Ok the first tip isn’t exciting…but it IS EASY and also makes a lot of sense! You can always just press the remains of your old bar onto your new bar! It can be tricky to make the 2 bits stick together so it can help to wet both bars before pushing the old into the new. Hey presto, zero waste.

2. get melting.

Collect about 10 or 20 scraps over time and… let’s make soap!

Grate your dried soap into a saucepan and add a little water to prevent it from burning (each 10g of soap only needs 1 teaspoon of water). Turn the heat on low and slowly evaporate the water while stirring (don’t leave the pan unattended). When the soap has gone soft and melty, remove the pan from the heat. Pack the mixture into a glass jar lined with greaseproof paper (or a mould if you have one). Leave to set overnight. You just made soap.

3. soap saver bags.

Yes, they’re a thing. A bag that saves soap. Most are usually made from sisal or other natural materials so you’ll get a skin exfoliation for free when you use them. Simply pop your soap scraps into these small drawstring pouches, run them under some water and rub them between your hands… you’ll be in a lather before you know it.

TOP SOAP BAG TIP: Remember to hang your bags up to dry between uses so you’re not left with a soggy mess inside at all times!

4. deodorise your drawers!

soap on a shelf next to wooly jumpers


If you feel like adding a clean fresh aroma to your drawers just place your tiny dry soap scraps in with your clothes to banish any mustiness. This is a job for the stronger smelling soaps so get sniffing through your scraps for the more scented stuff.

5. shave & save. 

Want some free shaving foam? Use your leftover soap scraps. Simply pop them into a mug, add a little hot water and use a shaving brush to create a lovely lather. Sorted.

Making your soap bar last.

Interestingly, you’ll use 6 x more liquid hand soap (by weight) to wash your hands than if you opt for the humble soap bar. So it’s great to know your solids are going to last longer AND you can eek out extra uses from any scraps.

And our top tip for keeping your bars going as long as possible?

soap magnets. 

smol bar with soap magnet


They’re the perfect partner. Really attractive yet with an easy way about them… we’re bringing back soap magnets from decades past.

These tiny magnets hold on tight so there’s no more soap scum on surfaces and no soggy bottoms. You’ll be totally stuck on them (so will your soaps), they’ll make your bars last longer AND they’ll help you save SO MUCH PLASTIC. 

Their suction cup fixing makes them eminently movable and so easy to put up. You’ll can’t help but be attracted! 

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