how to use a shampoo bar.

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Have you had your head turned by a shampoo bar? Maybe you’ve already taken the plunge… either way we don’t think you’re going to regret making the switch and ditching the plastic.

  • 1 shampoo bar can last you as long as 2 x 250ml shampoo bottles

  • You’ll rid your bathroom of more single use plastic-bottles

  • There’s zero waste from your bar and just a cardboard box to recycle/compost

  • Bars have a far lower carbon footprint. They are more light-weight and compact, needing less space than bottled shampoo during transport.

We’ve been using soap in bar form since 1898 for our hands… but unfortunately it’s too alkaline for use in our hair (it destroys the keratin) so solid soap for our locks needed a bit of thought…

smol shampoo bar

all about the pH.

The invention of certain solid surfactants (cleaning agents) has now allowed shampoo bars to finally slide into the picture; they are gentle and pH balanced, which makes them ideal for use on sensitive skin, hair and scalp. What’s more, these new surfactants are up to 99% plant-derived.

The main news here is that shampoo bars are NOT the same as soap bars. Got it.

so tell me how do I use shampoo bars?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Yes, it is going to feel different the first time you make the move from liquids to solids… but most of us never look back. Simply, follow our 5 smol steps to a great hair day below:

step 1.

Really drench your hair with warm water in the shower. 

step 2. 

Rub your shampoo bar between your wet hands to make a lather. Add the bubbles to your hair and repeat until you have the level of lather you desire. 

N.B. If you have thick/long hair and you're not finding you're getting as many bubbles as you'd like, add more water to your hair before adding more shampoo. Before you know it you’ll get a rich foam going.

Shampoo bars are super concentrated, so it’s easy to use too much. Some people prefer to rub  the bar directly on their head, by sliding the bar from root to tip 3 or 4 times then lathering it into the hair. It’s completely up to personal preference, but you’ll use less if you bubble the bar in your hands.

step 3. 

Put down the bar (or stick it to the wall if you’re using our most excellent soap magnets!) and massage the lather through your hair and scalp. 

step 4.

Rinse your hair with warm water, making sure there's no shampoo left behind.

step 5. 

Repeat steps 1 - 4 if you like to do a second shampoo, and if not, now’s the time for conditioner if you use one… otherwise, you’re good to go. Step out of your shower and give yourself a pat on the back for not using plastic!

smol shampoo bar


and our top tip for using a shampoo bar…

… you’ll want the perfect partner. Really attractive yet with an easy way about them… we’re bringing back soap magnets from decades past.

These tiny magnets hold on tight so there’s no more soap scum on surfaces and no soggy bottoms. You’ll be totally stuck on them and they’ll help you save SO MUCH PLASTIC. 

Their suction cup fixing makes them eminently movable and so easy to put up. You’ll can’t help but feel drawn in…

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