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It’s B Corp month for 2024! 

So we’re celebrating what this movement towards better business means to us AND championing this year’s B Corp theme which is…  this way forward! 

embrace the endless.

B Corp Certification has strengthened our belief that success is a journey, not an event. 

We are just at the beginning of our journey towards building a better household cleaning business. So what does moving forwards look like to us…?

Impact proves that a difference has been made. 

It is a measurable result rather than a set of promises. What we do and how we do it impacts the environment, our customers, our team, the wider community, the industry and other businesses. 

With our online impact tracker keeping count of environmental savings and donations to the community and our commitment to understanding the carbon footprint of our products (through full Life Cycle Analysis), we already have a firm foundation on which to understand, measure and report our impact.

And if what we do moves other brands forwards too… we’re even happier.

continue cutting carbon.

We’ve saved nearly 25k tonnes of carbon emissions since we launched a few years back. And there are SO many plans to increase savings. 

More concentrated formulations, packaging innovations, more refill products, combined deliveries, learning the LCAs across our range and sharing information as to how our customers can further cut their cleaning carbon footprints in the home.

press-on purging plastic.

With over 1800 tonnes already saved, we know we can save more AND we know we can move other brands forwards on this.  We did it with our plastic-free laundry capsule packaging which encouraged the big brands to follow suit. It’s a move that’s saving VAST amounts of plastic.

What’s next? Building our personal care range to cut the crazy piles of plastic in our bathrooms; and there are so many innovations coming in our household range with carton and tablet refills that mean single-use plastic cleaning bottles can become a thing of the past.

turn-up tackling toxicity.

B Lab marked us up with an Impact Business Model for our toxin remediation and reduction. This means what we are doing to reduce toxicity in the environment has been clearly recognised. And we are passionate about it. Our concentrated products don’t mean we use more chemicals per dose, it just means we remove the unnecessary ones and the water.

Moving forwards, we’re looking at more plant-based packaging and more plant-based ingredients. 

prioritize protecting people.

Our employees are integral to us moving forwards as a better business. We are committed to ensuring quality job opportunities for those who face barriers to employment, to pay a real living wage and end poverty in all its forms. 

With enhanced paid leave and volunteer days, we’re focusing forwards on strengthening  support to ensure physical, mental and financial wellbeing. 

moving forwards for us means fighting hygiene poverty.

B Corp month coincides happily with our latest hygiene poverty drive… Clean Clothes Can

The aim? Donate 250,000 laundry capsules to The Hygiene Bank charity so those in need CAN access clean clothes. Hygiene poverty stops people finding work, isolates and humiliates and subjects children to bullying and exclusion. 

It’s amazing the difference clean clothes can make. And YOU can help make it happen! 

add donate a wash to your existing smol plan

1. donate a wash.

If you’re a laundry or dishwash customer, please consider switching on the donate a wash button on the smol shop here. It’s so simple but makes a really big difference. It simply means that whenever your order processes, you’re charged an extra 30p and TWO laundry capsules will be sent to The Hygiene Bank on YOUR behalf.

we donate a wash with every new free trial sign up

2. take a FREE TRIAL.

Every new laundry FREE TRIAL or dishwasher tablet FREE TRIAL  you take on also means smol donates one FREE WASH to The Hygiene Bank on YOUR behalf. 

You can also try our smol home bundle HERE, and we'll donate 2 washes when you sign up!

And if you're already a smol customer... why not refer-a-friend (you’ll get free washes, as well as 1 donated wash to The Hygiene Bank!)

Donate direct to the hygiene bank

3. donate direct.

You can also support directly via our Just Giving page, where donations will be turned into washes and delivered directly to those who need them most.

spread the word on social media

4. share Clean Clothes Can on socials. 

Simply sharing our campaign, this page, any ads or posts from our social pages can help. The more eyes that see our Clean Clothes Can campaign… the better.  Share our posts on Instagram and Facebook now.

more about B Corp month.

For more information about B Corp month 2024 click here or simply search ‘B Corp Month’. #BCorpMonth

There is a lot to discover and hundreds of brilliant brands taking part to move our economy forwards in a direction that works better for people and the planet.

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