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Calling all you laundry liquid lovers… GREAT NEWS!

The smol revolution has come to town with all the power of our concentrated capsules in a liquid. It’s even cheaper than the big brands! Say yes to super-clean results, powerful stain removal and a wonderful fresh fragrance for your laundry. 

So what do you need to know?

pod power that’s pourable. 

Not a fan of capsules? 

Like to control your dosing? 

Want a liquid for hand washing items? 

No problem. 

We’ve created a super concentrated liquid formula that gives wonderful results for your laundry with a powerful clean to match the big brands! In fact it’s so concentrated, you’ll use up to 46% less liquid* per load than the leading liquids.

bio or non-bio.

There’s a choice of both bio or non-bio and if you’re unsure of the difference, don’t worry. 

In a nutshell… smol bio liquid uses enzyme technology for incredible stain removal even at low temperatures and smol non-bio liquid gives super clean results whilst staying safe for sensitive skin (being dermatologically tested). You can also read more here about the difference between bio and non-bio.

ends single-use laundry liquid plastic bottles. 

And what a relief to be able to wave goodbye to those giant plastic detergent jugs and never have to buy another liquid laundry bottle again!

Plastic recycling in the UK is not working. Over 110 million single-use plastic packs of laundry were sold last year in UK supermarkets.* And far more was sent to landfill or burnt than was recycled.

We think you only need one laundry bottle in your life. So we’ll send you your laundry liquid bottle-for-life (made from 100% recycled plastic) and you can keep it for good, simply refilling it, again and again and again. After all, plastic was designed to be kept and used for a lifetime.

refill revolution.

And how do you get your refills? 

Via our cute cartons that we send out as and when you need them. Each carton refill generates 43% less carbon through its production than a new recycled plastic bottle. On top of that, our formulation is super concentrated meaning we can ship more washes to you at a lower carbon footprint than the big liquid brands. In fact you’ll use up to 46% less liquid per wash than if you use Ariel liquid and 50% less liquid than if you are using Method.

Our refill cartons are accepted by 97% of councils and the rates for successfully recycling cardboard (up to 40%) is much higher than for plastic (12%). And as UK councils must soon work to harmonise all recycling, this cardboard rate should rise to 70%.

so it’s all hands to the pump!

No, really… enjoy a brand new way to dose your laundry liquid when you join the smol revolution. There’s no danger of spillage or wastage with our clever pump dispensers. Finally you can control your dose exactly for each and every load. Simply pump into the detergent drawer (or sink if you are handwashing), you can even apply it directly to stains for an extra boost before washing as normal.

wash loads, save loads. 

Our laundry liquid starter pack holds your recycled plastic bottle-for-life and 500ml carton for just £5 (£2 postage). Ongoing refill packs hold 2 x 500ml cartons for £10 with free delivery. Each 500ml gives 25 washes which is just 24p per wash. Check out how much less liquid you need for a standard load when using smol… not to mention the savings for your wallet!

vegan and cruelty-free laundry liquid. 

As with all smol products, our laundry liquid is both vegan and cruelty-free. You’ll see our leaping bunny on pack… something you won’t see on Ariel, Persil or Fairy. 

So give it a whirl and see what all the fuss is about. Same great cleaning power as our capsules… just in a pourable liquid! And no more carting huge bottles home from the supermarket, or running out when you really need to do a wash. 

Big is dead. Long live smol.



*Kantar sales data for the 52 weeks leading up to November 2022.

** prices correct Nov 2023 Sainsburys

Persil liquid 648ml @ £4 for 24 washes

Fairy liquid gel 888ml @ £6 for 24 washes

Ariel liquid gel 888ml @ £6 for 24 washes

Method 1.56 litres @ £10 for 39 washes

Ecover 1 litre @ £6.75 for 28 washes

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