clean clothes can: help fight hygiene poverty with smol.

We're smol, and we're on a mission to end hygiene poverty - working with The Hygiene Bank charity to provide people across the UK essential products like laundry capsules, because clean clothes can make a BIG difference.

Help us on our mission to donate 250,000 WASHES so those of us living in hygiene poverty CAN access clean clothing.


👉 donate washes with smol. 👈

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We to The Hygiene Bank charity with every laundry or dishwash FREE trial*.

laundry free trial = 1 wash donated
dishwash free trial = 1 wash donated

Or try smol's home bundle, and we'll donate 2 washes from you to The Hygiene Bank.

home bundle = 2 washes donated

are you a smol customer already?

Our donate-a-wash scheme allows you to support people living in hygiene poverty with washes with each order. Click the link below to find out more.

ADD donate-a-wash today

👉 donate washes to The Hygiene Bank. 👈

You can also support directly via our Just Giving page, where donations will be turned into washes and delivered directly to those who need them most.

donate DIRECTly here

Support by sharing on social media, to help us spread awareness in our aim end hygiene poverty. Share our posts on Instagram and Facebook now.

You'll also find our 'give back' packs of smol laundry capsule in selected Sainsbury's nationwide, where we're donating a whole pack to charity for every pack purchased. Drop us an email at to find your nearest participating store.

Thank you for your support to help end hygiene poverty. You can read more about the campaign, and our research here.


*smol's free trial delivers 9 laundry capsules or dishwash tablets to your door (+£1 delivery) where you'll be set up for an ongoing plan. You can edit or cancel at any time.