2022: The year it all came out in the wash.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate the past 12 months.

2022 was a year of many highs here at smol and thanks to having the best customers around, our community achieved incredible things.

We’re celebrating with a round-up we’re calling the rinse. 

plastic saved. 

Ditching those big brand plastic laundry and dishwasher packs means we’ve saved over 430 tonnes of plastic throughout 2022. That’s the same combined weight as 16 standing Sarsen stones at Stonehenge. Pretty heavy!

Given the poor plastic recycling rates around the world (12% in the UK for 2022)* this is an area where smol things really do make a big difference. Swapping to smol plastic-free laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets means more plastic is kept out of landfill and turns the tide against the millions of plastic laundry packs spewing out from the supermarkets into our homes.

chemicals saved. 

Every river, lake and waterway in England is polluted with synthetic chemicals related to human activity.** The world has been rinsing toxins down its drains for decades and household cleaning has led to dirty rivers.

BUT throughout 2022 our clever customers kept over 1000 tonnes of cleaning chemicals out of UK waterways just by choosing smol over the big brands.

smol uses less chemicals than the big brands with no loss of performance. Biodegradable ingredients, no phthalates, parabens, hormone disruptors or triclosan is great news for you and even better news for the planet.

carbon cut.  

2022 saw smol customers cut nearly 6,000 tonnes of carbon by switching to smol products. That’s the same amount of carbon as would be created by driving for 15 million miles!

We all have to cut our carbon and swapping to smol is one of the easiest carbon cutting swaps around! smol laundry capsules cut carbon by 35% through production and delivery compared to the big brands, and that number climbs to 46% for smol dishwasher tablets and a mind boggling 92% for smol multi purpose surface spray

animal fat saved. 

A lot of people don’t realise that most big brand fabric conditioner and softener is made using animal fat that’s harvested from the carcasses of cattle, sheep and pigs at the abattoirs. Not smol fabric conditioner though!

Our fabulously fragranced fabcon has helped smol customers save over 14 tonnes of animal fat throughout just 2022 alone!  That’s the same weight as 8 cars worth of fat!

water saved. 

smol’s concentrated products and clever refill systems have enabled smol customers to prevent the pointless transport of over 500,000 litres of water across 2022. That’s a lot of bottles of water!

With less heavy cleaning products on the back of trucks, less pollution for the environment and less plastic waste when using our refills; swapping to smol really is great for you and better for the planet.

washes donated. 

2022 was a year when smol customers really stepped up to help out those who needed compassion and support.

Just in this past year alone, over 115,000 washes were given to The Hygiene Bank to distribute throughout the UK for those of us living in hygiene poverty.

Switching on 'donate-a-wash' on your plan adds 30p to each order, which gives TWO washes to the charity on your behalf. It’s a feature so many of you have chosen to support and it’s making a HUGE difference to those that need it. Added to this is our rinse, return & lend a hand scheme where returning 4 empty bottles means a whole pack of laundry capsules can be donated to The Hygiene Bank.

We’re committed to continuing the fight against hygiene poverty and we’re proud that our customers feel the same.

Thank you! 

2022 really was a year where smol things made a big difference and none of this would have been possible without our incredible customers.

Each and every one of us is contributing to these results and we can’t wait to see what 2023 brings for smol and our incredible community. New products, new ways to save and new projects that give back to others.

And in the meantime, if there’s a smol product you’ve been meaning to try why not start 2023 off right and give it a go, with free trials and savings all round there’s so many reasons to join the smol revolution.

*Greenpeace July 2022
**Environment Agency 2020
*** MIT climate portal - 1 tonne of carbon created by driving 2500 miles

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