the smol revolution of FREE TRIALS!

We launched smol because we knew there was a better way to buy laundry detergent. Big laundry brands hailed their jazzy capsules with coloured sections as progress… but they weren’t. They were just full of chemicals that weren’t needed.
And why were we spending time in soulless supermarket aisles full of plastic bottles and tubs when we could have our detergent come to us in recycled plastic or cardboard? And what if we bought a pack and didn’t like the fragrance or the performance?
The smol revolution was born.

2 packs of smol bio and non bio laundry boxes

laundry capsules.

We have bio, non-bio and even fragrance-free non-bio laundry capsules, if you’re unsure which is the best capsule for you then we explain all right here. You could even trial all 3 if your family has different detergent needs… lots of our customers do! 

Our laundry capsules have a huge impact...

  • Cut carbon by 35% through production and delivery compared to the big brands*.
  • Are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Use up to 44% less chemicals than brands like Ariel and Fairy.
  • Come in 100% plastic-free packs that can be composted at home. 
With 9 free capsules in every trial, you’ll have a good amount of washes to really test them out. Ongoing, your delivery schedule is completely up to you. Get a pack a year, get a pack a week, your frequency is as individual as you and you can cancel (and reactivate) at any time.

pack of smol dishwasher tablets sitting next to clean crockery

dishwasher tablets.

Trial our all in one dishwasher tablets - there’s no need to buy salt, rinse aid or glass protector so this really can save you ££££s.

Our dishwasher tablets do more than make your plates sparkle...

  • Cut carbon by 46% through production and delivery compared to the big brands.*
  • Are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Come in 100% plastic-free packs that can be composted at home.
  • And those plastic-free packs have helped us save almost 60 million water bottles worth of plastic so far! 
With no loose powder, salt or liquid to spill everywhere it’s no surprise so many people prefer tablets. 

smol refillable sprays

multi-purpose refillable spray. 

Trial your bottle for life, silicone grip, trigger spray and tiny tablet first. Dissolve it down and off you go! We’ll deliver your 6-pack refills whenever you need them and you’ll never run out of surface spray again. 

Our multi surface spray started a refill revolution...

  • Ended single-use plastic and the polluting transportation of water.
  • One bottle for life and a tiny refill tablet give shiny surfaces at a fair price.
  • Delivered direct to your home whenever you need them.
Over 90% of your surface spray is water and that makes the bottles heavy. It’s expensive and polluting to transport these bottles of (mostly water) cleaning spray. So why do we do it when we have all the water we need waiting at home in our kitchen tap? 
Switching to our smol surface refill system will cut carbon by 92% compared to leading surface spray brands* AND you can stop throwing away single-use plastic bottles (which mostly don’t get recycled).
We use lower levels of added chemicals compared to other brands for a non toxic clean that’s free from benzenes, parabens and phthalates. Get ready for sparkling surfaces and the refreshing citrus scent of sweet orange. Perfect! 

* Full Life Cycle Analysis by eLoop 2020
** Finish salt £3.75 for 2kg Sainsburys. 2kg lasts 40 days approx.
Finish protector £5.15 Sainsburys for 50 washes.
Finish Rinse aid £3.50 Sainsburys for 80 washes.
Finish powder detergent £4 Sainsburys for 50 washes
All calculations based on running a dishwasher once per day.
Prices correct Sept 2022
*** Science Advances 2022