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Calling all rockstar smol customers! We need your help.

If you remember our Suds in Schools campaign that launched on Crowdfunder back in 2021 then you’re awesome. And if you donated then you’re a legend. Our amazing customers helped us raise over £50k to install FREE mini laundrettes into schools so we can help fight the hygiene poverty that’s impacting SO MANY kids terribly here in the UK.

so we’re going again! 

smol suds in schools

We want to install EVEN MORE of these mini laundrettes to help EVEN MORE children and we’d love you to be a part of that again if you feel able to make a donation via Crowdfunder.

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Keeping clean should NOT be a luxury and Suds in Schools has already helped some of the 3 million plus who find themselves living in hygiene poverty.

The Suds in Schools laundrettes so far have made an enormous difference. As one teacher from Liverpool said:

“We are able to wash uniforms when children have accidents. Many of our parents are struggling with gas and electricity so now we can wash and dry uniforms.”

a hidden problem that’s bigger than you think.

Why do we want to install more Suds in Schools sites? 

New research from smol and The Hygiene Bank has shown the issue is affecting children in all communities. 

smol suds in schools
  • 72% of kids affected by hygiene poverty experience low self-esteem.

  • 74% of parents had sent their kids to school in an unclean uniform last year.

  • 53% of teachers witness these pupils being ‘left out’ by others in class.

  • 50% of teachers saw a negative impact on students' mental health.

the Suds in Schools solution.

Laundry detergent is the basic hygiene essential that the majority of parents are stating they have struggled to buy. We’re a laundry capsule company… so we’ve got that covered. For every site installed we’ll ensure those capsules keep coming for free. We just need to install those washer-dryers. 

smol suds in schools


98% of teachers said access to free hygiene basics would improve students confidence and self-esteem. So THAT’S why we’ve launched Suds in Schools… THE SEQUEL!

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Kids who can’t keep clean feel humiliated, embarrassed, get bullied and/or shunned, their mental and physical health suffers and their education too. As one teacher summed up:


smol suds in schools
So let’s do something about it.


how YOU can help hygiene poverty in the UK.

  1. Please donate if you feel able. Anything you can spare will help. We were blown away by everyone’s generosity in 2021 because every donation adds up and helps to build that total. As we always say… smol things make a big difference. 

  1. Spread the word. The more people who hear about Suds in Schools the better. So please do share this on your Facebook page, your Instagram, LinkedIn, whatever social media sites you use.

  1. Maybe email this story to your colleagues, friends and family? And lastly…

  1. You can nominate a school. We want to hear from you if you think you know of a suitable site for a Suds in Schools mini-laundrette. So follow this link to let us know your nominations. 

Thank you in advance for anything you feel able to do. 

Every new Suds in Schools site will make a huge difference to a lot of children.




The research included in this blog has been conducted by smol and The Hygiene Bank in June 2023.

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