smol laundry is a hit with The Good Housekeeping Institute.

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smol laundry capsules, “will keep stains at bay and prolong the colour of your clothes.” 

That’s according to The Good Housekeeping Institute - and they certainly know how to test a product! With an army of engineers, chemists and product experts to put you through your paces, there’s no exaggerated marketing claims or unreliable online reviews.

We were delighted here at smol HQ to get their recommendation for our smol bio capsules.

no bleaching agents here! 

Many laundry detergents rely on bleaches to remove stains and make your clothes look clean again. However, those same bleaches will fade the colours on your fabrics leaving many clothing items looking, well… washed out!

Not so with smol laundry capsules.

We don’t use bleaching agents to get our laundry clean - we’ve developed smol enzyme technology to deliver powerful cleaning without the need to bleach. And THAT means your colours are protected. As The Good Housekeeping Institute says, it’s:

“Great news for those of us who hate our clothes losing their vibrancy once washed and also reassuring to know the performance is there to keep our laundry stain-free!”.

enzymes for the win. 

Enzymes are naturally occurring ingredients that work by digesting things like proteins and starches (which form the basis of most common laundry stains). They give fantastic cleaning results especially when you wash on cooler temperatures of 40°C or less which is another great reason to use smol bio. Lower energy bills!  

Our green smol bio capsules contain several enzymes - all with specific stain types that they just LOVE to tackle. Our blue non-bio capsules and clear fragrance-free capsules do NOT contain enzymes… and this is essentially the difference between a bio and a non-bio laundry detergent

stain removal to match or often outperform the big brands. 

The Good Housekeeping Institute put both our bio and non-bio capsules through several stain shifting tests and (unsurprisingly) found our bio capsules were more effective on stains than our non-bio.

It’s worth noting that non-bio is definitely capable of great stain removal. In fact Good Housekeeping STILL achieved an impressive overall stain removal rate of 76% with our non-bio.

You may just find you need to use slightly longer wash cycles and higher temperatures. Non-bio is often the detergent of choice for families or those with sensitive skin. This is because it has been dermatologically tested and many find the lack of enzymes works better when they suffer from sensitivities such as atopic eczema, contact dermatitis or psoriasis. 

But when it comes to our bio capsules, they really shift those stains, removing almost 80% of everything thrown at them.

This puts its stain-removal performance well above the average achieved by the bio detergents in our recent tests.”

check out the stats! 

smol bio shifted:

  • 97% of baby food stains
  • 86% of curry sauce stains
  • 65% of red wine stains
  • 94% of beef fat stains

Think of all those annoying orange tomato-based stains on baby bibs… gone! And that yellow curry mark on your tablecloth… no more! 

All this powerful stain removal with LESS chemicals than the big brands, 100% plastic-free packaging, 36% less carbon through production and delivery* AND a cruelty-free, vegan formula.

What’s not to love?


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