where do lost socks go in the washing machine?

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You know that nagging doubt - you’re sure you put a pair of socks in to wash, but there’s only one damp sock in the pile you’ve just emptied out of the machine? Or how about an earring (or some cash) that accidentally stayed in your trouser pocket? Ever thought your washing machine was making things disappear?

Turns out your machine CAN lay claim to your possessions, so you’re NOT losing your mind… just your socks.

So let’s go on a hunt.

top accessible hiding spots. 

Here’s where you’re most likely to find your belongings and what to do about retrieving them:

caught in the machine filter. 

  1. Turn off your machine at the mains and make sure it’s empty.
  2. Open the filter hatch (usually bottom right on the front face of the machine).
  3. Unplug the drain tube and drain into a bowl then replace its plug.
  4. Lay down a towel, remove the filter and check for lost items then replace filter.

hiding in the rubber gasket. 

The synthetic rubber door seal that surrounds the opening of your front loader is a great place to find all sorts of lost items. 

Carefully part each crevice around the circumference of the seal to check for any belongings.

stuck in a drum perforation. 

Yes, those bumps all across your inner drum can actually catch hold of tiny items like jewellery!

  1. Slowly turn the inner drum, checking the tiny perforations for small items.
  2. Items can be slippery to grab - you might need some pliers.
  3. Gently pinch the item and work them out of the perforation.

between the inner and outer drum.

  1. Spin your drum to feel if it’s sticking.
  2. If it is, gently part the rubber seal from the inner metal drum
  3. Spin the drum again and check the gap for items between the inner and outer drum.
  4. If you can’t see anything, use a wire pipe cleaner to work around the outside of the inner drum and feel for the item.
  5. If you need a bigger gap - angle a flathead screwdriver upwards between the inner drum rim and rubber seal.
  6. Once the item is retrieved, spin the drum and ensure an even gap between the seal and drum. 

Still can’t find your stuff? There are a few other places to try…

top LESS accessible hiding spots. 

If you’re still walking around in odd socks, it could be time to check for items under the drum. BUT this is where it gets a little mechanical… so always ensure your machine is unplugged and disconnected from the water supply. IF IN DOUBT… consult a machine engineer!

the sump hose. 

Warning! Checking the sump hose is difficult and probably requires 2 people!

  1. Drain any water from your machine via the filter drain hose.
  2. Lay your washing machine on its side.
  3. Remove the base plate from the underside of your machine.
  4. The sump hose is a thick hose with ridges and fits into the metal tub of your machine.
  5. With a cross head screwdriver, loosen the clip attaching the hose to the tub.
  6. Pull the hose away from the tub where it connects.
  7. Shine a torch into the tub - you’re now looking at the underside of the drum. 
  8. Pull any hidden socks out through the opening!

the heater. 

Another warning! Once again, accessing this bit of the machine is quite technical… 

  1. Remove the back panel of your machine.
  2. Locate the small panel (underneath the big drum motor) that houses the heater.
  3. Pull this panel out to reveal the heater (looks like the inside of a radiator).
  4. Check for any items caught within the heater.
  5. Replace the heater panel and then the machine back panel.

If in doubt always consult a machine engineer for these less accessible hiding spots and here’s to being reunited with all those forgotten items!

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