How to get the best results from your laundry capsules

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Yep, we’re laundry capsule converts here at smol HQ. We LOVE the fact that there’s no mess or overdosing and they also cause less microfibre shedding than box powder detergent. Capsules for the win!

But once you have decided whether it’s bio or non-bio in your wash…how can you ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your laundry capsule?

Just stick to the 3 capsule rules…

  1. Always put the laundry capsule in the back of the washing machine drum NOT in the detergent drawer. Your capsule is going to dissolve in the pooling water inside the drum and by placing it towards the back you are also ensuring it doesn’t migrate to the door seal (where it could become stuck and fail to dissolve). 
  1. Add your dirty clothing ON TOP of the capsule. This pins the laundry capsule at the bottom of the drum once your wash cycle begins. It also keeps your capsule from being flung out and away from your clothing at the start of the cycle where it could then fail to dissolve fully.
  1. Remember not to overfill your washing machine drum. We’re all for running a full load of course (half loads are not as economical overall) BUT if you’re cramming in the clothing there will be less room for your washing to move about against each other. This internal friction helps your clothing get even cleaner and ensures your laundry capsule fully dissolves for you each time. Aim for a hand span of space between the top of your laundry pile and the top inside of the washing machine drum.

But what if I find laundry capsule residue?

Don’t panic!

The main reason for this occurring is not having followed the 3 steps above. smol laundry capsules are designed to dissolve fully in all wash temperatures and cycles as the polyvinyl alcohol film is very delicate, soluble and biodegradable.

It is really easy to remove any residue on clothes. You can either soak them in warm water in the sink for a short time or just pop them back on the appropriate wash (check care label instructions) and all residue will dissolve away with proper access to water.

Never tumble dry an item of clothing that has capsule residue on it.

Some great capsule facts to remember…

  1. You should only need one capsule per laundry load but if your washing is exceptionally dirty, you live in a very hard water area or you have an oversized washing machine drum then it is fine to use 2 at a time if you prefer.
  2. Don’t cut or tear open your laundry capsule before you put it in the washing machine drum. The capsule is designed to dissolve in all wash temperatures quickly and they will get to work immediately on your laundry (unlike powder which takes time to dissolve).
  3. Only handle your laundry capsules with dry hands as moisture can cause the capsule film to break down.
  4. Finally, close your laundry capsule pack securely after each use and remember to always keep your capsules out of reach of children, vulnerable adults and pets. 

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