how to clean your bbq.

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The equation is undeniable; warmer weather = barbecues. And here’s another one... Letting your bbq overwinter whilst it’s dirty = huge cleaning headache on the first warm day of the year.

So check out our smol top tips for getting you back outside cooking on a grill that’s sizzling clean.

classic coals or high-tech gas?

Whichever type you have… the first step is always the same. Light it up. 

We recommend doing this the day before you get scrubbing. It’s a really quick way to burn off baked-on residue, mould (or mouse droppings!) and it also kills bacteria to give you a great head start. If you’re cooking on gas, just burn for 20 minutes or so then switch off to cool. A coal version will need longer to burn out and cool down. 

charcoal bbqs. 

Once it’s cooled down you can get to work. 

  • Step 1Tip any ash into a bucket – (“easy to light” charcoal needs to go in the bin as it’s been pre-treated and is not good for your garden/compost). Use a vacuum to remove any smaller, remaining ash. 

  • Step 2Remove the chrome food grill and place to one side. Wash the bbq base inside and out with warm water and smol plant-based washing-up liquid. Our compostable  loofahs and sponges are the perfect companion and ensure no scratches on your bbq. 

  • Step 3Put on some rubber gloves then wrap your grill rack in aluminium foil before placing it in the bath on a towel. Add a smol dishwasher tablet on top of the foil and cover with hot water. Leave for at least 2 hours then drain the water, unwrap the grill and rinse it down. Pop the foil in your recycling. 

  • Step 4Reassemble your bbq. Treat any rusty areas with a little ketchup. Yes! It’s great for removing rust - just apply a small amount and leave it to work its magic before wiping off. Give everything a wipe down with your smol multi purpose spray and you're ready to get grilling! 

gas bbqs.

Again, don’t start cleaning until your bbq has cooled down.

  • Step 1Use your grill brush to scrape off any solid residues in the hood and the bbq sides. Remove the food grill racks and scrape those down too. If you don’t have a grill brush you could use an old dishbrush or use a ball of aluminium foil. Leave the toblerone-shaped metal flavourizer bars in place while you scrape. They will prevent bits clogging up your burner bars that lie beneath them. 

  • Step 2Remove the flavourizer bars and brush the burner bars with an old dishbrush. Make sure to brush in the same direction as the slits. 

  • Step 3Take out the bottom tray  (which will now be full of bits) and any grease tray… empty them out and then wash with hot soapy water. smol washing up liquid makes the perfect solution. 

  • Step 4Head to the sink with the food racks and grab your smol dishwasher tablets. Rub across the racks with a damp tablet, keep dipping the tablet in some water so it remains damp. Alternatively you can leave the racks to soak in your sink with a dissolved dishwasher tablet and hot water. Finally rinse and return them to your grill. 

  • Step 5A final wipe down across the outside with your smol multi purpose spray will have the outside as ship shape as the inside and all that remains is to fire it on up!

stay food safe.

It’s reassuring to know that smol dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid and multi purpose spray are safe to use on your food surfaces and BBQ will be good to go. Keep your grill clean after each use and next year’s christening of the BBQ will hopefully be even easier. 

Ready, steady, cook!

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