The dishbrush your washing up wants.

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Each year millions of plastic dishbrushes end up in landfill because they are simply not recyclable. Even those with wooden handles can use nylon bristles. More plastic waste that’s JUST NOT NECESSARY!

So here’s some good news for time spent at the sink…

… our brilliant brand new 100% plastic-free dishbrush.

No more nasty nylon and no more microplastics rinsing down the plug hole!

good to know. 

We think our dishbrush (made from plants) is the perfect partner to our plant-based washing up liquid, what’s more it’s made in the EU using 100% renewable energy but that’s not all…


OUR home-compostable dishbrush is made from FSC certified beech wood with tampico plant fibre bristles. That’s it… nothing more and not a drop of plastic. We think it’s what your washing up will want! 

less bacteria.

Being made from all-natural materials means our dishbrush dries faster than its plastic counterpart… which also means fewer germs in your kitchen!

better brushing.

Tampico fibre bristles can carry and hold water without becoming soft or losing their rigidity. And that means they are great at scrubbing away tough dirt. But because they are all-natural they are safe for non-stick pans and delicate glassware. 

replacement heads.

Each starter pack comes with one complete dishbrush (handle & head) and 2 EXTRA replacement heads for just £10. You’ll then receive your 4-pack of replacement brush heads at regular intervals to suit YOU and ensure you never run out. As with all your smol plans - your frequency can be updated to work best for your needs and all dates can be changed at any time ongoing.

It’s mostly recommended to replace washing up brush heads every 2 months or so but you’ll find each replaceable head has many more months of extra life to live… use it for your shoe polish, cleaning outdoor furniture, scrubbing bathroom tiles etc; and once it’s really at the end of its useful life… just pop it in your compost where it can harmlessly biodegrade.

want them for your washing up?

Simply login to your smol account and you’ll find them sitting there ready to order. Time to brush up on your sustainable cleaning.


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