how to clean Christmas dishes.

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After your Christmas dinner how about this 5-step washing-up winner?

It’s a hack that makes short work of burnt casserole dishes, trays with stuck-on roast veg and that saucepan you burnt dry when you forgot about the Christmas pudding! 

Let’s face it, anything that helps with the clear up after a festive feast is worth knowing about. And this 5 step trick has never let us down! 

to clean your burnt dishes, all you’ll need is…

  1. your dirty dish/tray/casserole

  2. a smol dishwasher tablet

  3. some warm water

  4. a cloth (smol compostable ones are genius)

  5. some rubber gloves (again - our plastic-free ones are great!)


step 1. 

Pour a cm of warm water in your burnt casserole dish or roasting tray.

step 2. 

Pop on your rubber gloves and grab a smol dishwasher tablet.

step 3.

Rub the damp tablet across the burnt-on marks just like an eraser on paper! 

step 4.

Tip out the dirty water as you go and replace it with a little fresh water. The marks will disappear before your eyes.

step 5.

When the job is done, rinse and wipe with a clean cloth. Ta’Dah! 

not just for Christmas roasts.

Of course our award winning dishwasher tablets work brilliantly in your dishwasher (if you’re washing up by hand check out our superb pink grapefruit plant-powered washing up liquid) BUT you can also use the same 5 step technique above to tackle your oven door after your Christmas roast. 

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And you know the annoying brown marks that appear on the bottom of your saucepans and frying pans? They’ll disappear with the hack above. 

Not got a smol dishwasher plan just yet?

Not a problem. 

You can grab a FREE TRIAL any time and see the magic for yourself. And don’t forget to check out our other cleaning products that are great for you and better for the planet. Vegan and cruelty-free with less plastic, carbon and chemicals that ACTUALLY WORKS with results to match the big brands.

Big is dead. Long live smol.

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