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Did you know we can smell before we are even born? 

Smell is the first of our senses to develop. Our nose can detect at least 1 trillion separate smells and our sensitivity to certain scents is genetic... who knew??

No wonder a lovely smell can lift our mood or bring a smile to our face. 

the sniff test. 

review about the smell of smol laundry capsules

Back in 2019, we took a poll asking our smol customers what they loved most about their smol… and one of the most-loved things was our laundry capsule fragrance. 

But what do they smell like?

Our laundry capsule fragrance is actually unique to smol so you won’t find it anywhere else. It’s a clean fresh smell that has been carefully crafted to include ethically sourced essential oils including orange, pine, elemi, lavender and patchouli.

And because of this, it’s not an overpowering fragrance like some of the extremely heavy smelling capsules out there that are loaded with strong perfume.  Our customers LOVE the subtle scent of smol capsules… it’s as if their laundry has been line-dried outside on a summer day!

a bad smell. 

Our use of essential oils is part of our secret to smelling good. 

Essential oil fragrances are BIG business but some of the practices around their harvesting is not particularly sustainable. 

Large, corporate farms often chop down forests or change older arable farmland over into monoculture farming that just grows a single essential oil plant. The environment is pretty low down on their list of things to worry about and local ecosystems soon become endangered.

Individual farmers are also poorly treated. For example, Indonesian patchouli farmers are all too often exploited by industry middlemen who cut their profits and remove any certainty over future harvest prices. 

smol smells sweeter. 

review about the smell of smol laundry capsules

Luckily you can rest assured, ALL the essential oils included in smol laundry come from ethically farmed sources. This also guarantees a fair price for the farmers. 

Working with ethical plantations also ensures things like free access to kindergartens for the plant pickers, so their children are safe while they work. 

We think having these reassurances make smol capsules smell even sweeter! 

and if you DON’T want a scent? 

We’ve got your back.

Our fragrance-free non-bio was created for those of us with skin sensitivities towards perfume and colour. It’s also ideal for those who simply prefer their laundry to remain unscented but still want a deep fresh clean for their clothes. 

Just like our standard blue non-bio, our fragrance-free is dermatologically tested and uses less chemicals per wash than the big brands with a lower carbon footprint plus of course it’s cruelty-free and vegan.

If you’ve not taken a laundry capsule FREE TRIAL yet… why not take the plunge and see what all the fuss is about? 

We’ve over 25,000 5 star reviews on Feefo and are the most-rated, fastest-growing UK cleaning brand. What have you got to lose?


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