5 ways smol delivers great value.

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Try out our laundry capsules, dishwasher tablets and refillable multi purpose surface spray at NO COST with our FREE TRIAL! This is the perfect, no risk way to test whether smol is right for you and your household (just cover postage). What other cleaning brand lets you try before you buy?

2. Concentration! 

Our super concentrated products mean you use much less for your cleaning and your packs will last you longer. Take our animal fat-free fabric conditioner…at just 4 pumps for a standard load there’s no risk of over pouring and a twin pack gives you a brilliant 128 washes worth of softness! That means one order could last you many many months before you need to restock.

3. Free packs for grabs

Fancy a standard full pack of smol dishwasher tablets or laundry capsules COMPLETELY FREE? Just refer a friend to smol via your online account and when they join the revolution your next pack is on us! Got lots of friends? You may never have to buy a laundry or dishwasher pack again… what other cleaning brand hands out FREE packs??   

4. Multi pack value!

There’s even better value to be had with our multipack dishwasher and laundry boxes. Swapping smol laundry to our 4-pack offer means less frequent deliveries to your home of our 96 capsule pack AND an overall saving of £2. And moving over to our dishwash 3-pack will see your 90 tablet pack arrive 3 x less often with a saving of £1.50 overall.

Of course the packs will no longer fit through your letterbox but the savings speak for themselves so if you’d like to swap across just drop our awesome customer service team a line on help@smolproducts.com and they’ll move you over and decrease your rates of delivery!

5. Clever formulations.

Our all-in-one dishwasher tablets can give HUGE savings as they already include rinse aid, salt and glass protector with the detergent - so there’s no need to buy them individually. Using Finish products (salt, rinse aid, glass protector and a detergent) could cost you 31p per wash from Sainsburys.

Our tablets are just 19p per wash for all the ingredients you need AND there’s no plastic packaging, they are cruelty-free, vegan AND come with free delivery!


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