What’s your perfect smol laundry combination?

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Do you demand powerful stain removal? Perhaps you suffer from fragrance allergies meaning all scent is out? Or is there someone in the family with eczema who would benefit from some extra softness…?

Discover the Correct smol Laundry Detergent for You and Your Laundry. 

But I just want my laundry to be clean, that’s all. 

No problem. Our green bio capsules are all you probably need for uncomplicated, freshly-scented and thoroughly clean clothes. The great thing about smol bio is its powerful stain removal. 

A bio laundry detergent differs from a non-bio in that it contains enzymes to help break down common stains, such as food, sweat, grass and grease. Each enzyme prefers a different type of stain, for example amylase enzymes love the starchy residue from chocolate stains. We get brilliant results from our smol bio and it earned us a recommendation from The Good Housekeeping Institute.

I need to cut my energy bills and wash on cold.

Again, smol bio is the answer. Any bio is best used in mid to low temperatures as anything hotter than 40°C can destroy the enzymes, preventing them working as well against stains. 

Many of us nowadays prefer to wash on cooler temperatures to help cut our carbon footprint but also to save on energy bills. According to Which?, if the UK switched from 40°C washes to 30°C, it would be the equivalent of taking almost 400,000 cars off the road. And our bills would significantly drop. 

With more modern machines including cycles as low as 15° or 20°C, it’s worth noting that washing at 20°C compared to 40°C can reduce energy costs by 66%. 

Check out our story Save money by washing on cooler temperatures. to learn more about the many benefits of washing at lower temps.

What if I have sensitive skin? I need to be careful with what I use…

A great many of our customers who suffer from skin sensitivities such as eczema, contact dermatitis or psoriasis really love our blue non-bio capsules. They were designed for those with sensitive skin and have been dermatologically tested. 

Non-bio detergents do not contain enzymes but they can still be great at removing stains and keeping your clothes clean and smelling fresh. You just may need to use slightly higher temperatures to aid with the cleaning process.

And if fragrance is not a trigger we’d recommend you add our fabulous animal fat-free fabric conditioner. 

A fabric conditioner can ease any irritation caused by rough clothing rubbing against your skin. In fact the National Eczema Society state that studies have shown that clothes treated with a fabric softener have a potential benefit for people with sensitive skin.

Our concentrated fabric conditioner formulation means just 4 tiny pumps is all you need for most standard loads. That means your bottle twin pack could last you many many months. You are also easily able to adjust the amount if your drum size is larger or you prefer a stronger scent. No mess, no spillage, no wastage and NO ANIMAL FAT (unlike most other brands).

There’s more information for you on our fab con over on our story When should I use a fabric conditioner. 

I work in a kitchen/ on a farm/ in a hospital… I NEED extra stain removal…

We’d still recommend our bio as the best starting point. But then you can also add in our smol stain gel for targeted stain removal or an all-over laundry lift.

Most stain removers that claim your stains will ‘vanish’ actually just use a bleach to whiten over a stain. Bleach can damage and weaken fibres which means clothing can become damaged.  The stain's still there, it hasn’t vanished, but it's just been whitened over, while your favourite wardrobe items just get weaker!⁠ 

Our stain gel uses enzyme technology to actually remove the stain.

Of course the enzymes in our bio laundry capsule give tremendous cleaning results and stain removal in your wash, but they are concentrated down further in our stain gel along with other ingredients, to give superior targeted results exactly where you need them.

You can find out more on our stain gel in our story Take the strain out of that stain. 

I have an allergy to perfumes and am really limited on what I can use.

We’ve got you covered with our wonderful fragrance-free laundry capsules. 

Finding laundry products that work when you have very sensitive skin is impossibly irritating, so, we formulated a new non-bio that’s free from perfume, enzymes and colour.

Our non-bio fragrance-free is dermatologically tested and delivers the same great clean as our original non-bio but without the scent or colour. Our smol technology means less chemicals per wash and a lower carbon footprint plus of course it’s cruelty-free and vegan. We call them a win for skin.


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