introducing smol+plus delivery.

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There’s a clever new way to get your smol with NEXT DAY tracked delivery. It’s completely FREE, totally optional, wholly flexible and thoroughly carbon-cutting.

It’s called smol+plus.

so how does it work? 

smol+ is a FREE service that groups your next few upcoming orders together and sends them out as one. There’s nothing else to do and your future orders will all reschedule so you don’t run out (or become inundated).  

You’ll automatically enjoy next day delivery that’s fully tracked, with fewer deliveries altogether (to cut carbon) and FREE postage. It’s simply ONE delivery that lasts you longer, at no extra cost and with no obligation to smol+ next time if you’d rather not.   

so let’s give you an example… 

Imagine you subscribe to our smol laundry capsules, dishwasher tablets and washing up liquid. Chances are they are all on different frequencies, arriving on different dates throughout the year. It could add up to quite a few separate deliveries.

So as your next order approaches, we’ll email you to see if you’d like to smol+ your order.

If you decide to, it simply means we’ll take your upcoming order and group it into a box with more of your future orders (to reach a minimum value of £20) and bring them forwards into one boxed delivery that’s FREE and next day fully tracked.

All your next delivery dates on your plans will recalculate to ensure you don’t run out or become inundated and when your next order date rolls around, we’ll email to see if you fancy doing the same again.

but what if i only have one smol plan? 

Let’s imagine you only have a fabric conditioner plan. smol+ can still be a great option. It just means that instead of having for example 2 separate packs turning up at your usual intervals… you can box all 4 bottles up to come at once and take advantage of the FREE next day tracked delivery. Your next delivery will be recalculated for a date much further in the future and we’ll email you nearer the time to see if you’d like to do the same again.

cutting carbon. 

smol+ also means you’ll only need a fraction of the deliveries compared to your usual delivery schedule which focuses on single orders. You don’t need us to tell you that this will hugely cut the carbon footprint of your smol. 

can I make changes to my smol+? 

Yep. We use quite a few different box sizes so if you need any extras; cloths, multi purpose refills, some stain gel… just add them to your box and make the most of your FREE NEXT DAY delivery. It’s your smol+, and it should work exactly as you need it to.

some more common questions.

  • is there a charge for using smol+? No, smol+ is a free service that simply groups together your upcoming orders and puts them all in one box, for one FREE delivery. Just pay for your products. Nothing more.
  • is there a minimum amount I have to spend? Your order will qualify for smol+ as soon as your total reaches £20.
  • is this a monthly service? Not necessarily. It’s unique to your own personal order schedule. Some customers who have very frequent orders might find they are offered smol+ every few weeks, whereas others might only be contacted once every few months. Customers can choose to smol+ their order, or stick with individual deliveries. 
  • is the delivery next-day delivery? Orders placed before midday Mon - Fri will be delivered on the next working day. Orders placed after midday will dispatch the next working day and deliver the working day after that.
  • and is it tracked?  Yes, it’s fully tracked. On the morning of delivery you’ll receive a text and/or email with a delivery estimated by time. 
  • if I smol+ my order once, will all my future orders become smol+ deliveries? No. smol+ is something you select each time you would like to. Don’t want to use the service? No need to do a thing, we’ll just continue to deliver as normal. Want to use it once and never again? Not a problem, just ignore the next smol+ email and your deliveries will remain as they always were. 


If you’ve still got questions why not drop us a line on and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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