how to clean a mirror.

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“Mirror mirror on the wall,

You’re covered in muck so no use at all!”

That’s the thing about mirrors. 

Once they’re grimy and smeary, you can’t see the real you, so it’s important to keep them spick and span, and that’s where our 5 step guide to cleaning mirrors comes in.

mirrors are delicate.

So cleaning them needs a bit of care. Mirrors are made from a glass plate, a silver or aluminium coating (which gives the reflection), and then layer upon layer of lacquer. Being constructed from so many layers is what causes a mirror to be fragile. 

Strong chemicals like bleach or abrasive cleaners and scouring pads should never be used on a mirror as they can strip away the layers of lacquer and cause discolouration alongside scratching.

5 step guide to cleaning a mirror.

1. steam (optional). 

Step 1 is optional but great for bathroom mirrors. Shut the bathroom door and run a hot shower to fill the air with steam. It’s a great way to loosen dirt from the mirror surface.

2. multi purpose spray.

Spray a clean (lint-free) cloth with smol multi purpose spray until it is damp. You can of course use a microfibre cloth for this stage but always make sure you are washing these types of cloth in guppy bags to capture the microplastics they shed when they are washed.

3. wipe.

Start wiping the mirror in a gentle circular motion. It’s best to start at the top and work your way down as this means you’ll spread the multi purpose cleaner more evenly.  

4. on the edge.

The outer edges of a mirror can often be the dirtiest so don’t forget to wipe right up to the corners. Use the same gentle circular motion all across the surface and make sure no area is forgotten. 

5. dry down.

Wipe away all the moisture from the mirror surface using a dry lint-free cloth. This is where you are going to gain your streak-free shine. Again, you can use a microfibre cloth for this step - but ensure you are washing it in a guppy bag.  

homemade cleaner.

If you’ve not taken our FREE TRIAL of multi purpose spray don’t panic. You probably have a couple of things in your kitchen cupboards that you can substitute until your smol multi purpose arrives!

Follow the 5 step guide above but substitute in clear vinegar or lemon juice instead.

For a clear vinegar solution - combine equal parts distilled water and clear vinegar into a spray bottle and use instead of smol multi purpose. 

Prefer the lemon idea? Squeeze one lemon into a bowl and dip your clean cloth into the juice. Apply to the mirror in gentle circular motions then wipe off with a damp cloth.

mirror musts.

Things to remember when looking after your mirrors:

  • Always use lint-free or microfibre cloths
  • Don’t use strong chemicals or scourers.  
  • Always dry the mirror completely to prevent streaks and water spots.
  • Don’t soak the mirror edges with too much liquid (that’s where moisture can gain access).
  • Regularly dusting your mirror will prevent too much dirt building up.
  • If a stain or smudge appears - tackle it then and there. It will be easier to remove.

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