you are the difference

Stop waste of any kind,” pleads Attenborough. “Stop wasting power, stop wasting food, stop wasting plastic. Don’t waste, this is a precious world.”

It’s been stated so plainly – the moment of crisis has come. It’s time to save.
The vast majority of us of course, want nothing more than to make a difference. To make choices that have a direct and positive impact on our environment and to start new habits and ways of life that increase our eco-friendliness.
But how easily can we actually make a difference and how do we know if the choices we are make will deliver a real positive impact? Politics, economics, and worldwide climate issues can leave you wondering “What can I actually do?”. You’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed in fact, the task at hand can feel daunting.
Here at smol our mantra remains ‘smol things can make a big difference’. We see it in action every day and we’ve decided to share this with you in a new and exciting way. We think you’ll be amazed, proud, and inspired.
Switching to smol brings so many benefits; convenience, eco-friendly cleaning, great price-savings, to name a few. So, we decided it was time to share the real difference YOU are making by giving you your very own personal impact report that charts your own particular smol savings.
Want to know how much plastic you have kept out of oceans and landfill? It’s all there. Want to see the amount of chemicals you have stopped from washing into our waterways? We’ll tell you. Want to find out what you’ve saved compared to using big branded capsules? We’ve added it all up.
As an independent company, we knew from the start that we wanted to have an impact. In the 2.5 years since launch smol powers nearly 7 million washes every month which means we’re saving the environment from around 20 tons of plastic alongside 60 tons of chemicals and 1 ton of animal fat. It all adds up to make a huge difference and meanwhile we’re also saving our customers £££s.
Each and every one of our customers are playing their part and now it’s never been easier to see the real difference you are making. Just login to your account from our website and you’ll see smol overall savings on display, in addition at the click of a  button you can calculate your personal savings too. 
Why not take a screengrab and share with your friends and family? We want to see your savings in all their glory so get sharing on your social media! If it inspires others to join in and make the switch to smol – that’s a whole load more plastic, chemicals and money saved!! 
You really are making a difference so be proud of your savings, we are!