Water, water everywhere...

Our most precious resource.


It covers 71% of the planet but that does not mean we should take it for granted.

Climate change, and its accompanying extreme weather actually means our water supply is becoming more and more unpredictable yet it’s our most precious resource.

Of course, it might not feel in short supply for countries like the UK, however using less water not only means we are saving money but we’re also reducing our energy use.

Cleaning all the waste-water from our households is a very energy-intensive process for the sewage and water networks, as is heating the hot water for our household use. The more we can do to limit our use of water, the greener and more sustainable our homes will be and the more we’ll be lowering our carbon emissions.

So what can we do?

There are lots of ways we can cut down our water use such as taking shorter showers, using displacement devices in our toilet cistern or setting up a garden water butt from your down pipe. We have lots of suggestions in our #washwell campaign and you can find out more from our recent blog posts take a load off and dishwash the dirt.

But it’s not just volumes.

We tend to be wasteful not just in how much water we use but also in how we manage our water. Millions and millions of gallons of water are needlessly being packed onto lorries within various products and driven around the country pointlessly. Here at smol we’re determined to put an end to this wasteful shipping of water from place to place.

Did you know around 90-95% of most household cleaning sprays are in fact water?

For far too long we have been paying for the movement of these heavy water-based products both financially and ecologically. Distributing large heavy bottles of mostly-water means more vehicles needed on the roads and higher carbon emissions all round.

The solution? smol’s super cleaning sprays. 

All you need for sparkling surfaces, beautiful bathrooms and gleaming glass is one tiny tablet and a tap because all the water you’ll need is already waiting in your kitchen tap. Water brilliant idea!

If we were to ship spray bottles ready-made, each one would weigh around 600g whereas one refill tablet weighs a tiny 2g. It’s 300 times lighter and a no-brainer!

What's more, the tablet wrappers are fully home-compostable and all packaging is recyclable so you’ll be cutting down your waste on top. In one-fell-swoop you’re managing water, lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on a cruelty-free, vegan cleaning product that actually works!

And the extra bonus to it all? 

You can stop throwing away countless plastic cleaning bottles every year.The average home gets through 25 cleaning spray bottles each year and millions of these end up in landfill (or worse, the ocean). 

Swapping to smol bottles-for-life means no more single-use plastic going to landfill – we’re all about the REFILL!

It's incredibly simple to order your refill tablets via your customer account whenever you need them and a pack of 6 is just £6 including delivery. You can select a pack of multipurpose, a pack of bathroom or a mixed pack that contains 3 multipurpose, 2 bathroom and 1 glass. Simple.

As with all our smol products – it’s an easy swap with far-reaching benefits that start to add up immediately. Here’s what one customer had to say,

I received the 3 surface spray bottles this week. Loved the bathroom and multi purpose spray. Impressed and love the scents. Made to do a much overdue cooker-top clean yesterday and thought I’d see how good the multi purpose spray was. Amazed! Definitely not buying the big brand sprays and cleaners now.

So water you waiting for ;) ? Give them a try and see what all the fuss is about. smol things make a big difference.